A P Thurston’s Lectures

Teaching and Learning: A P Thurston’s Special Lectures on Aeronautics, 1909.

These are the now infamous lectures by AP Thurston, on Aeronautics, in which he:

‘…described the various machines which have been built from the time of Besmier to the present, the differences between them being illustrated by means of lantern slides, diagrams and models.' (Flight International , Vol 1, 1909.)

Lectures have always been one of the main components of any course, as they teach the information required for the practical aspects. As Geology describe ‘The course of lectures…is intended to give a general introduction to the subject.’ They could be quite interactive, and Botany lectures in 1920-21 were illustrated by lantern-slides, wall-diagrams and actual specimens.

Some special honours students were also required to attend Inter-Collegiate lectures as directed by the Head of Department., and the societies often had lectures delivered by specialists on their research and projects.