Research Publications at Queen Mary University of London

The Research Publications Management System at Queen Mary University of London is managed by a team of staff working in Library and IT Services. The System is made up of:

The Elements (PubLists) publications database which collects and provides data about scholarly publications by Queen Mary researchers.  The database provides a single interface for research staff to input information about their scholarly publishing, upload full content into the repository, and maintain up-to-date publications lists in the Research Publications website.  In the future, we hope to be able to provide the data back to departments and schools, allowing reuse more widely and consistently across all College systems.  Elements also provides research managers and administrators data about the scholarly output of individuals, groups, and Schools; and how this helps to meet the research strategy of the College.

Queen Mary Research Online, or QMRO as it is locally known, is an open access institutional repository of research output, containing full content images, text and audio files pertaining to research undertaken at Queen Mary University of London.  QMRO also holds the eThesis collection; in particular the electronic copies of Theses awarded from 2009-, and also digitised theses provided to the College as part of the British Library ETHoS (Electronic Theses Online Service) programme.

The Research Publications website provides a public portal to provide access to publications lists for each individual researcher.  Where available, links are provided to both the published version of the item via DOI, and also any versions held in QMRO, making it easier for visitors to the College website to gain access to information about our researchers and their scholarly output.

For more information about any/all of these systems, please contact the Repository & Research Information Team