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The SAGE handbook of workplace learning

Malloch, Margaret.; -(1320)


Grand Corps Malade,

Careers 2018


Redefining organized crime : a challenge for the European Union

Carnevale, Stefania; Forlati, Serena; Giolo, Orsetta; -

Fables of the law : fairy tales in a legal context

Carpi, Daniela; Leiboff, Marett; -

The rise of the uncorporation

Ribstein, Larry E.(2010)

Berlin's third sex

Hirschfeld, Magnus,

Ideology and welfare

Taylor, Gary, (2007)

Modern challenges to Islamic law

Ali, Shaheen Sardar,

Law and literature

Dolin, Kieran,

La communauté désœuvrée

Nancy, Jean-Luc.(1999)

The nature of economies

Jacobs, Jane, (2000)

Law reform in plural societies

Mulitalo Ropinisone Silipa Seumanutafa, Teleiai Lalotoa,

Dementia and human rights

Cahill, Suzanne(2017)

Constitutional and administrative law

Taylor, Christopher W., (2017)

Organized crime

Lyman, Michael D.

Race after the Internet

Nakamura, Lisa.; Chow-White, Peter.; -(2012)

Civil society in Southeast Asia

Lee, Hock Guan.; -(2004)

Social capital

Halpern, David (2005)

Comparative perspectives on criminal justice in China

McConville, Michael.; Pils, Eva.; -(2013)

Discrimination : the limits of law

Hepple, B. A.; Szyszczak, Erika M.; -(1992)

Anthropocene feminism

Grusin, Richard A.,

Feminist surveillance studies

Dubrofsky, Rachel E.; Magnet, Shoshana.; -

Politics UK

Jones, Bill,

Social research

Sarantakos, S. (2012)

Same sex love and desire among women in the Middle Ages

Canadé Sautman, Francesca.; Sheingorn, Pamela.; -(2001)

Yvonne Rainer : the mind is a muscle

Wood, Catherine, (2007)

Sport, culture, and ideology

Hargreaves, Jennifer, (2014)

Unlocking equity and trusts

Ramjohn, Mohamed,

Marx and Foucault : essays,

Negri, Antonio,

Subcultural theory : traditions and concepts

Williams, J. Patrick, (2011)

The human right to dominate

Perugini, Nicola.

Critique of Black reason

Mbembe, Achille,

Subcultures : the basics

Haenfler, Ross.

Peace operations between war and peace

Schmidl, Erwin A., (2000)

The future of the euro

Matthijs, Matthias.; Blyth, Mark,

Mathematics for economic analysis

Sydsæter, Knut.(1995)

Diaghilev's Ballets russes

Garafola, Lynn.(1998)

Social research : an introduction

David, Matthew.(2011)

The landscape of qualitative research

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

Strategies of qualitative inquiry

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

Collecting and interpreting qualitative materials

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

En quel temps vivons-nous?

Rancière, Jacques,

The Black-Scholes model

Capiński, Marek, (2012)

Land law

Duddington, John,

The Oxford handbook of populism

Rovira Kaltwasser, Cristóbal.; Taggart, Paul A.; Ochoa Espejo, Paulina,

The collective memory reader

Olick, Jeffrey K., (2011)

One party dominance. Fianna Fáil and Irish politics 1926-2016

McGraw, Sean D.; Malley, Eoin.; -(2017)

Encyclopedia of drug policy

Kleiman, Mark.; Hawdon, James.; -(2011)

Contract law

Finch, Emily,

Class, sports, and social development

Gruneau, Richard S., (1999)

Financial investments

Griffiths, Howard, (1990)

Company law

Taylor, Christopher W

Criminal law

Finch, Emily,

English legal system

Finch, Emily

Protest and social movements in the developing world

Shigetomi, Shinʼichi; Makino, Kumiko; -(2009)

Borders : a very short introduction

Diener, Alexander C.(2012)

Labour in the Caribbean : from emancipation to independence

Cross, Malcolm.; Heuman, Gad J.; -(1988)

Tourism, progress and peace

Kelly, Ian, (2010)

The ethics of nationalism

Moore, Margaret (2001)

World Bank literature

Kumar, Amitava, (2003)

Modern macroeconomics

Chugh, Sanjay K.

Consuming St. Patrick's Day

Skinner, Jonathan,

Anthropological theory today

Moore, Henrietta L.; -(1999)

Restructuring world politics : transnational social movements, networks, and norms

Khagram, Sanjeev.; Riker, James V.; Sikkink, Kathryn, (2002)

Barbarismos queer y otras esdrújulas

Platero Méndez, R. Lucas.; Ortega Arjonilla, Esther.; Rosón Villena, María.; -

Cartografías del cuerpo : biopolíticas de la ciencia y la tecnología

Bergmann, Sven.; Pérez Sedeño, Eulalia.; Ortega Arjonilla, Esther.; -(2014)

The new public leadership challenge

Brookes, Stephen, (2010)

Rwandan women rising

Hunt, Swanee.

Making race matter : bodies, space and identity

Alexander, Claire E.; Knowles, Caroline, (2005)

Freak culture; life-style and politics

Foss, Daniel A., (1972)

International finance

Pilbeam, Keith,

The Cambridge companion to ancient Greek law

Gagarin, Michael.; Cohen, David (2005)

Disability media studies

Ellcessor, Elizabeth; Kirkpatrick, Bill

Gender and culture

Phillips, Anne, (2010)

Management and leadership development

Mabey, Christopher, (2008)

Unlocking company law

McLaughlin, Susan

The Sage handbook of political sociology

Outhwaite, William.; Turner, Stephen P.; -(2017)

Understanding Brexit

Taylor, Graham.

Great debates in criminal law

Herring, Jonathan,

Islamic finance : law and practice

Nethercott, Craig R.; Eisenberg, David M.; -(2012)

Mentoring and diversity : an international perspective

Clutterbuck, David.; Ragins, Belle Rose.; -(2002)


Newman, James (2013)

The trusted advisor

Maister, David H.(2002)

Antigona and me

Clanchy, Kate, (2009)

Of states and cities : the partitioning of urban space

Marcuse, Peter.; Kempen, Ronald van.; -(2002)


More, Thomas, (2012)

Contracts of carriage by air

Clarke, Malcolm A. (2010)

The medium of the video game

Wolf, Mark J. P.; -(2001)

The money culture

Lewis, Michael (2011)

The video game theory reader

Wolf, Mark J. P.; Perron, Bernard.; -(2003)

Videogame, player, text

Atkins, Barry.; Krzywinska, Tanya.; -(2007)

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