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Library Users Forum

The Library Users Forum (LUF) monitors Library services and provides a forum for general and open discussion on the use of the Library and user input to the development of library services.

Library Users’ Forum

Proposal for revised Terms of Reference

  1. To provide a relevant, inclusive and engaging forum that creates opportunities for all our users to generate and discuss ideas that help shape the spaces, services and support provided by the Library.
  2. To consider, discuss and investigate specific areas of interest to our users.
  3. To consider, discuss and inform our users about policies and plans for Library Services.
  4. To monitor the quality of Library Services.

Frequency of meetings:
Once a semester – three meetings a year, held during November, March and May.

 Meetings of the Library Users’ Forum are open to all QMUL students and staff.

Modus operandi:
Registration for attending the Library Users’ Forum is enabled via Eventbrite. Attendance is limited to a maximum of fifty people on a first come, first served basis.

Library Users’ Forum meetings commence with formal business, including minutes and actions and a brief report from a member of the Library Senior Management Team, followed by activities, discussions and workshops about themed areas and subjects of particular interest to Library users.

Members may have actions to undertake resulting from the meetings, and will be supported by their line manager or staff or academic supervisor to do so in a timely manner.

Meetings may include a visiting speaker or a member of staff from another part of the institution, at the invitation of the group, to aid discussion and develop ideas around a particular theme.

Notes and actions from Library Users’ Forum meetings will discussed at the Library Management Group meeting at the first available opportunity. Outputs from meetings of the Library Users’ Forum will also inform further discussion and decision-making, as appropriate, at a range of forums at QMUL.

The agendas, minutes, membership list and other papers are available on QMplus.

The next meeting of the Library Users' Forum will be held on Wednesday 31 October 2018, 2.00 – 3.30pm, Mile End Library, First Floor Training Room

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