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Analytics and Communications

For electronic content, Kortext will provide the following analytical data as a minimum:

•             Number of items ordered/purchased by title, School and individual;

•             Number or items downloaded by title, School and individual;

•             Usage data by title, School and individual, including pages/chapters read/saved/printed.


John Smith’s/Kortext will develop and deliver a plan with you in order to promote your school’s direct book purchasing arrangements to your students, so that they are aware in advance of:

•             Titles that are covered, including further information on these titles

•             Price for the titles, including any discounts agreed

•             Whether QMUL will be making full or part-payment towards these titles and, if so, final price for the student

•             Methods for purchasing and/or accessing the content, including payment method and delivery method

As a minimum, John Smith’s/Kortext will provide the above information online, accessible to students via QMplus.

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