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Print and Electronic Titles

Print Titles
John Smith’s offer two options for delivery of print titles to students:

•             Delivery to individual student addresses (e.g. student accommodation)

•             Central distribution at the Member Institution’s designated campus pick-up point e.g. Campus Bookshop, enrolment or induction event at QMUL.

In each case, delivery costs will be included in the discount structure and will not be charged as an additional cost to either QMUL or the student.


Electronic Titles
All electronic titles are provided on a perpetual licence basis, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Kortext provide an interface for e-books that integrates directly via the QMplus VLE and is:

•             User friendly and intuitive with clear on-line help facilities

•             Rich in functionality, with features such as tagging, highlighting, cutting and pasting, bookmarking, saving, making notes and accessing pre-loaded notes (e.g. from a lecturer) and exporting references

•             Compliant with Equalities Act, SENDA and any other relevant regulations

•             Compatible with assistive technologies , e.g. for visual impairment

•             Compatible with a range of mobile devices for access to electronic content.

For electronic content, Kortext also provide printing and downloading functionality, and transparency on limits which meet the legal allowances. Kortext also provide after-sales support to students. This includes a helpline that any student can call, where experienced staff can support them in accessing, downloading and using content.

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