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Starting the Process

If you are interested in providing textbooks to your students directly, in print or electronic formats, or need assistance during any part of the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly:

Martin Beeson - Teaching and Learning Support Manager, Library Services

Marc Cohen - Resources and Collections Manager, Library Services

Jenni Morton - Branch Manager, John Smith’s Bookshop

We’ll need the following information to start the process:

·         Information about the book/s - Title/ Author, Edition, Publisher, Quantity

·         Preferred format – electronic or print, together with an indication of any bespoke content you wish to include with e-format material. e.g. the addition of lecturer notes, chapter-level customisation and/or institutional or school branding

·         Preferred delivery method  - Please see the following section on Print and Electronic titles for further information

·         Module information and the Semester the module is running in

·         The amount of discount you intend to provide for students – options include full payment by QMUL, part-payment by QMUL and part-payment by the student, and full payment by the student. Pleases see the following section on Payment and Invoicing for further information

We will ensure that you receive a quote for the total provision from John Smith’s/Kortext as soon as possible. This will include:

•      Net value of the books, before discount and excluding VAT

•      Cost of books after discount, excluding VAT

•      Value of discount obtained

•      Item details by title, ISBN, School, requesting individual, module, format (print, electronic, bespoke)

•      VAT

•      Total expenditure

All pricing and invoicing will be provided in pounds sterling, unless specifically agreed otherwise by QMUL.

If you are happy with the quote, and the level of discount obtained, please inform the Library and we will set up a purchase order on the Agresso Finance System to ensure that any money spent by your School on the direct provision of books to students is reflected in the appropriate university league tables. Please see the following section on Payment and Invoicing for further information

John Smith’s will also confirm the other preferences you’ve specified about the order and can begin to discuss marketing and publicity opportunities.

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