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1. Introduction and context

1.1. The Library's prime purpose is to provide favourable environments, services and materials to support the teaching, learning and research of the staff and students of the College. This can only be delivered in partnership with our users. Any person in the Library or using library services is assumed to have undertaken to observe the Library Regulations as set out below.

  • THE LIBRARY means all the library sites under the management of the College and such services as are available to users outside Library premises (e.g. access to electronic databases).
  • THE LIBRARIAN means the Director of Library Services or any member of the Library staff acting on the Librarian's behalf.
  • USER means any person making use of Library materials, services or facilities. 

1.2. These Regulations are intended to help maintain an effective Library service and a pleasant, safe working environment for all users and library staff. All other relevant College Regulations, rules and codes of conduct also apply to users of the Library. 

1.3. The Library Regulations are approved by the appropriate College committee. They are revised from time to time, usually following consultation at a users' meeting at which both staff and students are represented. Procedures and practice arising from the Regulations (e.g. loan rules) are formulated by the Librarian as appropriate for the effective operation of the service, subject to report to the appropriate committee, and detailed on the library web site and in the relevant library guides and information sheets.

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