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2. Admission and registration

2.1. Users must be registered with the Library before making use of Library services. Users may be registered for use of all the services of the Library, for use of a limited set of services, or for reference use only. Details of admission and registration procedures and entitlement to services are given on the library web site and in the relevant library guides and information sheets. 

2.2. Members of Council, Fellows, Emeritus Professors and Readers, staff and registered students of the College may use all the services of the Library.

2.3. Staff (other than nursing, domestic or ancillary) employed and paid by the Barts Health NHS Trust and other NHS trusts or units approved for the purpose by the College may use all the services of the Medical Libraries (Whitechapel and West Smithfield) and a limited set of services at the Mile End Library subject to contracts in force.

2.4. Intercollegiate students attending College as an integral part of a taught course may use the Library for reference and borrow from the library at the site attended.

2.5. Additional categories of user or particular individuals may be permitted, at the Librarian's discretion, to register for use of a limited set of services or for reference use only.

2.6. All users and others on Library premises may be required to present an approved identity card at the Library entrance and at other times if requested to do so by the Library staff. Identity cards are not transferable and their loss should be reported to the Library immediately.

2.7. Identity cards currently accepted are: College staff identity cards, student identity cards, NHS Trust cards approved for this purpose, and day tickets. Anyone on Library premises who does not upon request produce an approved identity card may be required to produce means of identification and, where necessary, to comply with the Library's registration procedures or be asked to leave.

2.8. Registered users shall notify the Library promptly of any change of name or address.

2.9. The Librarian's permission shall be obtained in advance for groups of visitors to the Library. Persons in charge of such parties shall ensure that the presence of a group does not inconvenience or disturb other Library users.

2.10. Only children accompanying current University or NHS staff or students are permitted in the Library. No other visitors are permitted to bring children into the Library.

2.11.   Children* are permitted in the Library with a responsible adult on condition that parents/guardians take full responsibility for the child’s health and safety and behaviour. If a child is disturbing other library users the parent will be asked to take the child out of the library.  (* identified as someone under the age of 16.)

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