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5. Penalties for infringement

The Library rules are in place to help maintain environments that are conducive to study. The rules are intended to safeguard the interests of all library users and to ensure that everyone can make use of collections and services freely and fairly.  As with all rules penalties will be applied if they are broken.

5.1.  Users failing to observe the Regulations on Borrowing may be subject to fines and to suspension from further borrowing until all loans have been cleared and any fines or compensation paid. Fines are payable immediately and in full.

5.2.  Users may be required to pay in full compensation for any items borrowed in their name which are not returned to the Library or for any damage, defacement or loss in respect of Library equipment, premises, services or materials (including those obtained through the inter-library loans service).

5.3.  Users found damaging or stealing Library property will be referred to College disciplinary procedures.

5.4.  Failure to pay fines, to return items or to pay full compensation is treated as a debt to the College and may lead to College and University disciplinary procedures and sanctions.

5.5.  Any user in breach of any Library Regulation may be required to pay a fine or compensation, may be suspended from all or partial use of the Library either immediately or from an effective date for a stated period. Any user suspended from the Library will have the right of appeal to a senior member of the Library staff who has not been involved in the case. If the user is a student and is still dissatisfied, s/he may appeal against the decision to the Academic Registrar, in accordance with stage 3 of the College's Student Complaints policy. Other procedures will be adopted for users who are suspended who are not students. Records may be kept of users in breach of Regulations. Serious or persistent breach of any Library Regulation by a student may lead to action under the Code of Student discipline.

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