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Making Reading Lists Work

This project aims to improve access to core texts, as specified in module reading lists, for Humanities and Social Science undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. It is funded by the Queen Mary Student Experience Investment Fund 2010, and the intention is that the outcomes will be transferable to the rest of the faculties within College. It is closely linked with the recent purchase and current implementation of the Talis Aspire Reading List management system by the Library.

There will be a complete review of the reading list cycle from the stage of creation of the list by module conveners to the point where students can access the item, whether it be a physical book, or an electronic resource.

The project has three objectives:

To embed use of Talis Aspire in the creation of reading lists by module conveners.
A series of demonstrations will be arranged to introduce teaching staff in HSS to the benefits of Talis Aspire, following which specific schools and module conveners will be invited to participate in a pilot scheme.

To find ways of improving communication between module conveners and the Library about reading lists.
Following a series of discussions and workshops to facilitate exchange of information, a set of best practice reading list guides will be created.

To improve the efficiency of the acquisition of reading list material by the Library.
Internal Library procedures will be reviewed using feedback from the HSS teaching staff workshops, and in addition, schemes such as Patron Selection Plans for e-books will be investigated.

The user manual and FAQs on how to create reading lists using the online reading lists management system can be found below.

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