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Mile End Library Building Works – Summer 2019

What is happening?

Building infrastructure improvement works will be taking place beginning 10th June 2019 at Mile End Library.  The works will include electrical re-wiring in some parts of the building, as well as improvements to heating and cooling systems, and water supplies.


Our aim is to make sure we address your concerns about the building and its environment.  For example, fixing electrical sockets and improving the heating in the Mile End Library were highlighted at Staff Student Liaison Committees and in many of your responses to the Library’s ‘QMUL Libraries of Tomorrow’ engagement initiative in early 2019.

Over the last few years, the numbers of people using the building to study has increased significantly, the way in which the building is used has also changed with more demand for electrical outlets and the interior having been modified from its original design.  This has led to an increase in power outages, especially to desks, as well as heating and cooling being difficult to maintain.  This project is intended to not only resolve these specific issues, but also provide some resilience for the next few years.

How will you be affected?

We apologize for any inconvenience these works may cause. In order to work swiftly and return spaces back to normal use in the shortest time possible, parts of the library will be inaccessible for periods of time as part of a set of phased works.  More detail will follow once the full programme of works has been agreed, but we are expecting that:

  • 10th June – 12th July
    Ground floor Learning Lounge (including the group study rooms) and the whole of the 2nd floor will be closed; during this time, graduate students needing access to quiet individual study space are advised to try the 7th floor Graduate Centre in the first instance, alternatively individual study spaces will be available on the 1st floor of the Mile End Library. On the ground floor, the Teaching Collection and Learning Café are unaffected.

  • 15th July – 9th August
    The 1st floor reading rooms will be closed; during this time, the ground and 2nd floor will be fully open as usual, and the Active Learning Centre 1st floor West will remain open throughout

During this time, a request and collect service will be in operation for physical collections held on floors closed for study. 

Where else to study:

We’ll be providing a full list of alternative study spaces as soon as the programme of works is confirmed by the contractor – watch this space.

What will I see at the end of the project?

There won’t be much to see!  Most of the works involve background improvements, new ductwork, wiring that will all be hidden behind panelling.  However, you should find:

  • Fewer problems with sockets that don’t work
  • Fewer times when the reading rooms are too hot, or too cold
  • A more comfortable and energy-efficient building to study and work in


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