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Student and Aacdemic Services co-operates with the UK Student Recruitment and Widening Participation teams in supporting visits from school groups, providing a range of activities from short guided library tours to support for Extended Project Qualifications.

Groups are welcome to visit the Mile End  and Whitechapel Libraries as part of a campus tour with student ambassadors acting as guides at any time during Library opening hours.

Event organisers can select from the range of activities listed below according to their requirements; most activities take place at Mile End Library but can be conducted at Whitechapel by arrangement

Please contact the UK Student Recruitment team in the first instance.






Delivered by

Booking required

Library tour

30 minutes

Any age group

Up to 25

Student ambassadors


General tour of the Library with a member of Library staff as a guide.  Visitors get library promotional freebies

30 minutes

Any age group

Up to 25

Library Public Services

No but can emphasis specific subjects if notified

Sessions on finding, evaluating and referencing information sources. These sessions are designed to provide school students with a practical experience of an academic library environment and carrying out research at university level. We work with a maximun of two partner schools per-year to plan and deliver these sessions.

60 -120 minutes

year 12 students

Up to 30

Library Teaching and Learning Support Team

Yes – 2 month notice. Can be on specific subjects if notified in advance

Library Treasure Hunt activity, freebies

60 minutes

Any age group


Library Public Services

Yes – 1 week notice. Can be on a specific subject if notified

Introductory Archives Sessions are available for group of up tp 10 by appointment with the Archivist

All sessions are free of charge to visitors, but the Library reserves the right to charge the organisers a fee if sessions in the Library are canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. The Student and Academic Services contact is Nick Holloway at

Please note that our license arrangements for e-resources mean we cannot  provide visitors with access to our subscribed and purchased e-resources, particularly our subscribed e-journal content. Our recommendations for sources of high-quality online information highlight some useful, freely available resources that can be used by the pupils to support their study on an ongoing basis.

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