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UKRR June 2011 - November 2011 cycle - part 1

The Queen Mary submission to the June - November 2011 UKRR cycle consisted of journals from West Smithfield and Whitechapel Libraries for which we have either (1) cancelled our subscription or (2) are available electronically. The lists of titles for both of these of these libraries are attached to this page.

Consultation with Queen Mary academic staff

  • The consultation for this cycle ended on Friday 8 April.

Results from the British Library

  • There are lists below of Whitechapel and West Smithfield journals for which we have been told by UKRR that we can dispose of our copies.

Requests to take personal ownership of journals

  • If a member of academic staff wishes to take personal ownership of any of these titles, please complete the attached form (signed by the staff member and his or her Head of Department) and return it to the relevant Academic Liaison Librarian before Friday 29 July. Any journals requested will need to be taken before Friday 12 August.
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