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Strategic objectives

The role of the library

To support our users by making the discovery of and access to high-quality resources as easy and intuitive as possible via attractive and distinctive physical and online environments and assist users in the application of information in their teaching, learning and research activity.

Strategic aims

  • Play a leading role in enhancing the overall student experience  
  • Provide excellent services in support of teaching and research
  • Develop and enhance access to high-quality resources
  • Encourage better relationships between library staff and students
  • Deploy our staff and space more effectively
  • Ensure our staff are well-trained and motivated


  • to meet changing expectations
  • to recognise the different needs of our users
  • to develop and manage information resources
  • to make our services easy to use, intuitive and coherent
  • to improve the speed and quality of the resource discovery process
  • to assist users in making the most of the information they discover
  • to improve our physical and online learning environments
  • to reduce barriers, bureaucracy and conflict
  • to work with users in order to ‘get things right’
  • to encourage our staff by recognising their achievements
  • to assess and improve our skills continuously

Library Services: Strategic Plan 2010-2015

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