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Visit our exhibition exploring the stories where traditions were broken, where new thoughts or ideas were expressed, where voices of difference or protest were heard. Open until 19 May 2017.

8 August 2017

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By its nature, rebellious and radical behaviour cannot be neatly defined, and we are currently showcasing the stories of those who diverged from the norm. Ranging from student protests by Queen Mary students, and the 1968 student uprising in Paris, through to the social commentary and active engagement of Donald Chesworth in response to the 1958 Notting Hill race riots, a court case submitted in the 1880s by an Indian child bride refusing to move to the marital home, and the destabilising performance art of prominent practitioner, Ian Hinchliffe (1942-2010).

Campaigns and protests, fighting through the courts, and artistic expression represent the varied avenues through which rebellious and radical viewpoints can express themselves. We encourage you to explore the complexity of these voices of protest by visiting the exhibition.

If you are an external visitor please email us in advance so that we can inform the Library Welcome Desk.



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