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Studying Well during Covid-19

27 April 2020

Library Services is proud to be part of Study Well — a campaign led by Queen Mary Students’ Union to help students look after their health and wellbeing during this stressful exam season. 


The campaign aims to raise awareness of how important it is to take a break during your revision. And this year, is focusing on providing resources and advice to make studying under quarantine less isolating and more manageable. 


With that in mind, we have compiled a few resources and tips for our students on using our services and accessing support to #StudyWell during the Covid-19 outbreak. 




Our Library services during COVID-19 page shows an up-to-date overview of the resources and support that Library Services is continuing to provide to students remotely. 

In addition, our Academic Skills team are offering Live Chat during Virtual Office Hours for questions or advice on anything study-related including: assignments and exam preparation, referencing and academic integrity, time management, dissertation writing and planning, using feedback. 
The One-to-One tutorial service is now operating remotely via Skype and telephone — offering advice to students on writing and revising for remote exams among other academic skills.

Academic Skills will also be releasing a series of self-access resources about revision and remote studying on Padlet throughout the Study Well campaign. 

We have compiled a reading list of key online resources on the theme of ‘Staying healthy and thriving during the Covid-19 self-isolation’.  

Our Library Book Display this month looks at Wellbeing to support our students and staff.  

The University has compiled a list of resources on looking after your mental wellbeing, and there is lots of great support and help available in our amazing Queen Mary community as well as the local community.  

Don’t forget, your Library Services team is always here to help. Drop us an email on, and we will do our best to support you during this time. 


  • Don’t put pressure on yourselfRemote learning is new for many students and staff, so be patient, open to new experiences and understand that everyone is in the same position. 
  • Co-ordinate group chatsJust as you would normally, find a way to discuss material with your fellow students (e.g. using a discussion board) to make sure you understand concepts. 
  • Keep in touch with your tutor/lecturerLeaning online does not mean learning alone – make sure you know what support is available  and do not feel afraid to ask your department if you are unsure. 
  • Remember what you like about your subjectWe study more effectively when motivated by a sense of interest rather than a sense of obligation.  
  • Break the day up into smaller chunksEspecially if you are on your own, make sure you take time during the day for breaks, catching up with friends and exercising if possible, to keep your mind fresh. 
  • Think about your workspace at homeYou will get the most out of online learning if you can find a specific, quiet space with a stable internet connection. 
  • Make sure the people you’re living with know when you’re studyingEliminate distractions. Close all other tabs on your laptop or computer, try to put away your phone and give your full attention to the class. 
  • Book a tutorialIf there’s an aspect of your studies that you’re still stuck on, book an online tutorial with our Academic Skills team. 

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