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Westlaw UK update - Save the date - 6th August 2019

30 May 2019

Save the date - 6th August 2019. On this date the 'classic' Westlaw UK platform will be superseded by the 'new' Westlaw UK platform.

The new Westlaw UK platform is currently running alongside the classic platform and will continue to do so until 6th August 2019, when the classic platform will be switched off. The new Westlaw UK is now available via the QMUL Library website and you'll also find links to new Westlaw help files via the Library website too. Checkout the new Westlaw UK platform on the QMUL Library Law Subject Guide Databases page.

Overall, the new Westlaw UK platform is similar to the classic Westlaw UK platform, just clearer and easier to use. Westlaw are hoping to encourage users of the benefits of the new platform by now making the EU tab in the classic Westlaw platform redirect to the International Materials page in the new interface.

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