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Course packs

Course packs are collections of photocopied readings made for a particular course of study. Remember, the College has to own a copy of the item being reproduced.

The general limits on the extent to which any work may be copied remain. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you intend to copy more than one article from a journal issue or more than one chapter from a book?
  • Or more than 5% of the whole journal issue or book, whichever is the greater?
  • Is the publication on the List of Excluded Categories and Works available from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) website?
  • If the publisher is a US publisher, is it on the List of Excluded US Publishers available from the CLA website?

If the answer to any of the questions is YES, you need to contact the publisher directly to obtain copyright clearance. Written permissions should be kept for future reference.

If the answers are all NO, you may make sufficient copies for each student on the course plus one for the teacher.

If you are scanning resources for a course pack, for instance, if you are sending them to the Copy Shop for printing, please be aware that the CLA licence does NOT apply to electronic works. It is an infringement of the licence to print from electronic resources and then scan the printout. Some resources, such as JSTOR, specifically prohibit the printing of articles for course packs; please check the terms and conditions beforehand.

The electronic reading list management system Reading Lists Online (Talis Aspire) now includes a digitised content module accesible at which carries out checks to monitor copyright compliance and ensure that all the items in your course pack fall within the terms of the CLA licence.


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