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Whether or not you are scanning in order to mount material on QMplus or to create course packs, it must conform to the terms and conditions of the Copyright Licensing Agency’s Higher Education licence:


  • QMUL must own any original material in print format which you wish to scan. The only way we can establish this is if the item appears in the Library catalogue.
  • It is best practice to link directly to electronic resources.
  • Scanned material can only be made available to students registered on a specific module.
  • The mount scanned must fall within the prescribed limits set out by the licence.
  • All scanned material must carry a CLA copyright notice giving details of the item being scanned and the module for which it is being used. This should be attached at the head of your scan. You can download the copyright notice here: Copyright Notice 2018 [DOC 364KB]
  • All work scanned under the terms of the CLA licence, whether from print or digital originals, must be reported annually. Please e-mail a copy of all copyright notices to


The scanning task is made much easier if you set up an electronic reading list using Reading Lists Online You can mount your scan through the list when in edit mode by clicking on the “request digitisation” option. Reading Lists Online has the advantage of a built in copyright compliance checker and will automatically bundle your scan with a CLA copyright notice. Library staff can then run a report to export the data for the annual returns.


If you wish to use a material from a book which is not currently in the Library's stock and is not easily obtainable, you may request it through our Inter Library Loans. Fill in the web form on the Self Service pages remembering to include a note that you are requesting a copyright cleared version rather than one for personal use.


Under the CLA licence, you are also allowed to use images which have been disembedded from other sources, providing the other conditions of the licence are met.

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