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El verano del inglés

Riera, Carme.(2006)

Olafur Eliasson

Grynsztejn, Madeleine(2002)

The Irish in post-war britain

Delaney, Enda, (2013)

Cognitive media theory

Nannicelli, Ted; Taberham, Paul; -

Through the looking glass : Korean contemporary art

Lee, Ji-Yoon; Yun, Nanjie; -(2006)

The gift of therapy

Yalom, Irvin D., (2010)

Gillian Wearing

Wearing, Gillian, (1999)

Roman Signer

Signer, Roman, (2006)

The bell jar

Plath, Sylvia.

The 'd' monologues

O'Reilly, Kaite,

Kerry James Marshall

Marshall, Kerry James,

20 years of can Asians think?

Mahbubani, Kishore,

Jannis Kounellis

Kounellis, Jannis,

Life II [in Progress]

Jansa, Janez(2014)

Sharon Hayes

Hayes, Sharon, (2018)

Mona Hatoum

Hatoum, Mona,

Hans Haacke

Haacke, Hans, (2004)

Theaster Gates

Gates, Theaster,

Jimmie Durham

Durham, Jimmie.

OpenIntro statistics

Diez, David M.,

Marcus Coates

Coates, Marcus, (2016)

Mark Bradford

Bradford, Mark,

Ai Weiwei

Ai, Weiwei,

Ai Weiwei

Smith, Karen (2009)

Elements of power system analysis

Stevenson, William D.

Netzwerk : Deutsch als Fremdsprache A2: Kursbuch A2

Dengler, Stefanie; Rusch, Paul; Schmitz, Helen; Sieber, Tanja; -(2013)

Netzwerk : Deutsch als Fremdsprache A2: Arbeitsbuch A2

Dengler, Stefanie; Rusch, Paul; Schmitz, Helen; Sieber, Tanja; -(2013)

A wicked old woman

Randhawa, Ravinder,

Ai Weiwei

Marlow, Tim,

Contemporary orthodontics

Proffit, William R.

Christian Marclay

Marclay, Christian.(2005)

Globalization or empire?

Nederveen Pieterse, Jan.(2004)

Physical geography : the basics

Holden, Joseph, (2011)

Introduction to real analysis

Bartle, Robert Gardner, (2011)

Thomas on powers

Thomas, Geraint W.(2012)

Thinking about history

Maza, Sarah C.,

The contractors : a novel

Keane, John B., (1993)

How institutions think

Douglas, Mary, (2011)

A new companion to the gothic

Punter, David, (2012)

International business

Shenkar, Oded,

Hollywood's Stephen King

Magistrale, Tony(2003)


Robbins, Bruce,

When Nietzsche wept

Yalom, Irvin D., (2010)

Anthropology of education

Wulf, Christoph,

The beneficiary

Robbins, Bruce,

An introduction to linguistics

Poole, Stuart C.(1999)

Different seasons

King, Stephen, (2012)

The dead zone

King, Stephen, (2011)

Salem's lot

King, Stephen, (2011)

Pet sematary

King, Stephen,


King, Stephen, (2011)

Four past midnight

King, Stephen, (2012)


King, Stephen, (2011)

Corpora and language education

Flowerdew, Lynne(2012)

The Vagina monologues

Ensler, Eve (2001)

Poesía completa

Valente, José Ángel, (2014)

Empathy : a history

Lanzoni, Susan Marie

Distributed cognition in classical antiquity

Anderson, Miranda.; Cairns, Douglas.; Sprevak, Mark.; -(2018)

Forensic linguistics

Olsson, John,

Student companion to Edgar Allan Poe

Magistrale, Tony.(2001)

La coartada perpetua

Fornet, Ambrosio.(2002)

Marx's Capital

Fine, Ben,

Stephen King on the big screen

Browning, Mark, (2009)

The Shakespearean world

Levenson, Jill L.,

Digital anthropology

Horst, Heather A.; Miller, Daniel, (2012)

Creolizing Europe : legacies and transformations

Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Encarnación; Tate, Shirley Anne; -

Law and time

Grabham, Emily,

Home fronts : Britain and the Empire at war, 1939-45

Crowley, Mark J; Dawson, Sandra Trudgen; -

Understanding poverty

Banerjee, Abhijit V.; Benabou, Roland; Mookherjee, Dilip.; -(2006)

Thinking through the skin

Ahmed, Sara.; Stacey, Jackie.; -(2001)

Environment, forced migration and social vulnerability

Afifi, Tamer; Jäger, Jill.; -(2010)

Existential psychotherapy

Yalom, Irvin D., (1980)

The shining

King, Stephen,

Skeleton crew

King, Stephen, (2012)

Night shift

King, Stephen, (2012)

Julius Nyerere

Bjerk, Paul,

Erdnüsse, Totschlagen : Erzählungen

Schweikert, Ruth, (1996)

Albeson and the Germans

Needle, Jan.(1977)

Queer stories of Europe

Vērdin̦š, Kārlis,


Duda, Sybille, (1992)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographe

Cartier-Bresson, Henri

The bead collector

Atta, Sefi,

Edna O'Brien

Greenwood, Amanda(2003)

The real life of Anthony Burgess

Biswell, Andrew(2005)

News discourse

Bednarek, Monika,

Paris and the surrealists

Melly, George, (1991)


Mauss, Marcel, (1974)


King, Stephen,

A different drummer

Kelley, William Melvin,

Surrealism : permanent revelation

Cardinal, Roger.(1970)

Women in Impressionism : from mythical feminine to modern woman

Søndergaard, Sidsel Maria.; Strauber, Susan Elizabeth, (2006)


Manrique, Jorge,

The life of Arthur Machen

Gawsworth, John,

Libro de Alexandre

Casas Rigall, Juan,

Stephen King's America

Davis, Jonathan P.(1994)

Medieval archaeology : an encyclopedia

Crabtree, Pam J.; -(2001)

Corpus, concordance, collocation

Sinclair, John.(1991)

Stephen King's gothic

Sears, John, (2011)

Cardiovascular physiology

Mohrman, David E.,

Human parasitology

Bogitsh, Burton J.

Performance studies in Canada

Schweitzer, Marlis,

Textbook of endodontology

Bjørndal, Lars,

Tiny stations

Wills, Dixe,

Selected poems

Johnson, Linton Kwesi,

The cradle of thought

Hobson, Peter(2004)

The journals of Captain Cook

Cook, James, (1999)


Cameron, Deborah,


Behn, Aphra, (2003)

Selected short stories

Anand, Mulk Raj, (2006)

Fundamentals of diagnostic radiology

Klein, Jeffrey S; Brant, William E.,

Joyce and the law

Goldman, Jonathan

J.G. Ballard

Baxter, Jeannette.; -(2008)

A crown of violets

Vivien, Renée,

Asylum law and practice

Symes, Mark.(2010)

A thematic guide to optimality theory

McCarthy, John J., (2002)

Citizenship and immigration

Joppke, Christian(2010)

Stem cells in regenerative medicine : science, regulation and business strategies

Vertes, Alain A; Qureshi, Nasib; Caplan, Arnold I; Babiss, Lee Edward,

Layer-by-layer films for biomedical applications

Picart, Catherine; Caruso, Frank, (2015)

Essential neuroscience

Siegel, Allan,

Mecanoscrit del segon origen

Pedrolo, Manuel de,


Joyce, James,

Opera de cribro

Friedlander, J. B. (2010)

Contrabando de sombras

Ponte, Antonio José, (2002)

European tax law

Terra, B. J. M.

The last days of Pompeii : a novel

Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, (1976)

Artificial intelligence and games

Yannakakis, Georgios N.


Wajcman, Judy.(2004)

Calculus and ODEs

Pearson, D. B.(1996)

Commercial law

Baskind, Eric

Numbers and proofs

Allenby, R. B. J. T.(1997)

Handbook of historical sociology

Delanty, Gerard.; Isin, Engin F. (2003)

Étienne Dolet 1509-2009

Clément, Michèle,

When we speak of nothing

Popoola, Olumide.

Understanding movies

Giannetti, Louis D.(2011)

The hundred wells of Salaga

Attah, Ayesha Harruna,

Napoleon the Great

Roberts, Andrew,

Ecrits politiques

Mauss, Marcel, (1997)

Washington Black

Edugyan, Esi,

This mournable body : a novel

Dangarembga, Tsitsi,


Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung(2001)

Sentimental tales

Zoshchenko, Mikhail,

Chinese in steps

Zhang, George X. (2011)

Kolyma stories

Shalamov, Varlam Tikhonovich.

Game architecture and design

Rollings, Andrew, (2004)

Strangers at our door

Bauman, Zygmunt,

Pathology illustrated

Roberts, Fiona

Macleod's clinical examination

Innes, J. Alastair,


Laing, Olivia,

Performa 11 : staging ideas

Goldberg, RoseLee.(2013)

The scientific basis of urology

Mundy, A. R.; -(2010)

Perfume and literature : the persistence of the ephemeral

Ciani Forza, Daniela; Francescato, Simone; -(2017)

Natalie Wood

Sullivan, Rebecca,

A death in the family

Knausgård, Karl Ove,

The end

Knausgård, Karl Ove,

Crime and punishment

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor,

Julie Christie

Bell, Melanie,

Crimes of the art world

Bazley, Tom.(2010)

Rethinking British decline

English, Richard, (2000)


Xiu, Philip

The rise of neoliberal feminism

Rottenberg, Catherine,

This is Lagos and other stories

Nwapa, Flora, (1992)

Dancing in the dark

Knausgård, Karl Ove,

Boyhood island

Knausgård, Karl Ove,

My struggle

Knausgård, Karl Ove, (2016)

International economics

Gerber, James.

Lecture notes

Bower, Mark,

Research handbook on political economy and law

Mattei, Ugo; Haskell, John D.; -

Time and literature

Allen, Thomas M.

Pedal powered planes

Sherwin, Keith.(2007)

A stranger's pose

Iduma, Emmanuel,


Antrobus, Raymond,

Hanna Schygulla

Sieglohr, Ulrike,

Palestine : peace not apartheid

Carter, Jimmy, (2006)

Performance in contemporary art

Wood, Catherine.(2018)

Taxation of derivatives

Weidmann, Oktavia,

Feminist, queer, crip

Kafer, Alison.

Mental Health Act Manual

Jones, Richard(2018)

Data mining : the textbook

Aggarwal, Charu C.

Helter skelter : L.A. art in the 1990s

Schimmel, Paul.; Gudis, Catherine.; Klein, Norman M., (1992)

The value of comparison

Veer, Peter van der,

A history of Bangladesh

Schendel, Willem van(2009)

Doing qualitative research

Silverman, David,

The Oxford companion to emotion and the affective sciences

Sander, David.; Scherer, Klaus R.; -(2014)

Matériel culture : the archaeology of twentieth-century conflict

Beck, Colleen M.; Johnson, William Gray, (2012)

Casa en el agua

Garbatzky, Irina,

Cervelli che contano

Vallortigara, Giorgio,


Fletcher, H. L. (2013)

Heritage and globalisation

Labadi, Sophia.; Long, Colin, (2010)

An introduction to international relations

Devetak, Richard.; George, Jim.; Percy, Sarah.; -

Cancer and its management

Tobias, Jeffrey S.,

Essential microbiology for dentistry

Samaranayake, Lakshman P.,

Medical genetics

Jorde, Lynn B.,

Enduring time

Baraitser, Lisa,

Medical sciences

Naish, Jeannette, (2019)

The Routledge history of slavery

Burnard, Trevor G. (2012)

Nadie ante el espejo

Guerra, Germán,

Jane Austen

Tanner, Tony.(2007)

Theatre & protest

Shalson, Lara,

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

Dialogar em Português

Lemos, Helena.(2013)

Performance now

Goldberg, RoseLee,

Talking to women

Dunn, Nell,

Poor cow

Dunn, Nell,

The construction of heritage

Brett, David, (1996)

Heritage interpretation

Blockley, Marion R.; -(2006)

Manual de pronúncia e prosódia

Oliveira, Carla.(2014)

Prescott's microbiology

Willey, Joanne M.,

Europe, 1880-1945

Roberts, J. M. (2001)

Human virology

Oxford, J. S.


Nottage, Lynn.(2010)

Atlas of human anatomy

Netter, Frank H.

Adultery and the female star

Gallafent, Edward,

Ideal MHD

Freidberg, Jeffrey P.,

Grant's dissector

Detton, Alan J.,

The worlds of medieval Europe

Backman, Clifford R.

Quality in critical care

Ridley, Saxon.; -(2008)

Travel and drama in Shakespeare's time

Maquerlot, Jean-Pierre.; Willems, Michèle.; -(1996)

Muir's textbook of pathology

Herrington, C. S.,

Oxford handbook of ophthalmology

Denniston, Alastair K. O.,

Health systems in transition : Georgia : health system review

Chanturidze, Tata.; Ugulava, Tako.; Durán, Antonio.; Ensor, Tim.; Richardson, Erica.; -(2009)


Belbel, Sergi, (2009)

El winchester de Durero

Zequeira Ramírez, Rafael, (2017)

Bailey & Love's short practice of surgery

Williams, Norman S., (2013)

Crónica del decimotercero

Saunders, Rogelio,

El cuerpo del milagro

Quintero-Herencia, Juan Carlos,

La sombra del caminante

Portela, Ena Lucía,

Asilo en Brazos Valley

Miranda, Michael H.,

Arthur Machen's 1890s notebook

Machen, Arthur.(2016)

El placer y el sereno

Hurtado, Orestes,


Canovan, Margaret.(1981)

Bolanõ en sus cuentos

Aguilar, Paula,

The corn wolf

Taussig, Michael T.,


Shakespeare, William,

A transnational poetics

Ramazani, Jahan,

Pulmonary physiology

Levitzky, Michael G.,

Byzantium and the Crusades

Harris, Jonathan.

Glamour : a history

Gundle, Stephen, (2008)

Up the junction

Dunn, Nell,

The Logge register of Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills 1479-1486

Boatwright, Lesley.; Habberjam, Moira.; Hammond, Peter.; -(2008)

Storytelling in film and television

Thompson, Kristin, (2003)

Europe transformed, 1878-1919

Stone, Norman, (1999)

The Sandino affair

Macaulay, Neill.(1985)

The Great War, 1949-1918

Ferro, Marc.(2002)

Advanced global illumination

Dutré, Philip, (2006)

The English language

Crystal, David,

Handbook of pediatric urology

Baskin, Laurence S.,

Let the great world spin

McCann, Colum, (2009)

What were the crusades?

Riley-Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher, (2009)

A guide to old Spanish

Dworkin, Steven Norman,

Lengua de señas

Winter, Enrique,


Timmer, Nanne,

The Crusades : a history

Riley-Smith, Jonathan, (2014)

Talús / Talud

Ribalta, Aleisa

Studyguide for quantum mechanics by Bransden, B.H

Reviews, Cram101 Textbook.(2013)

Primordial cosmology

Peter, Patrick.(2009)


Pereira, Manuel,


Parra, Yoan Miguel.(2018)


Padilla, Damián,


Morales, Osdany.(2018)


Marqués de Armas, Pedro Luis,


Lage, Jorge Enrique,

La Habana sentimental

Inguanzo, Rosie

La sombra en el espejo

Hernández Busto, Ernesto,


Hernández Busto, Ernesto,

Inventario de saldos : ensayos cubanos

Hernández Busto, Ernesto,

A las puertas de Esmirna

Gutiérrez Coto, Amauri Francisco,


Gómez-Castellano, Irene,


Ginoris, Gino

Las nubes en el agua

Garrandés, Alberto,

La revolucíon y sus perros

García Lorenzo, Gelsys,

The good immigrant

Shukla, Nikesh.; -(2016)

Think tanks & civil societies : catalysts for ideas and action

McGann, James G.; Weaver, R. Kent, (2000)

The taming of the shrew

Shakespeare, William,

La isla y la tribu

Pérez Cino, Waldo,

El amolador

Pérez Cino, Waldo,

Dinámica del medio

Pérez Cino, Waldo,

Aledaños de partida

Pérez Cino, Waldo,

Principio de realidad

Kozer, José,

Bajo este cien

Kozer, José,

El fin de la inocencia

Fernández-Larrea, Abel,

Buenos días, Sarajevo

Fernández-Larrea, Abel,


Calderón, Damaris.(2017)

Concierto para delinquir

Armand, Octavio,

Comparative tax law

Thuronyi, Victor,

James Mason

Thomas, Sarah,


Kissinger, Henry, (1995)

Health policy in Britain

Ham, Christopher.(2009)

Kelly Reichardt

Fusco, Katherine,

La siesta de los dioses

Valdés, Armando,

El piano

Rodríguez, Reina María,

Las analfabetas

Rodríguez Iglesias, Legna,

Hilo + hilo

Rodríguez Iglesias, Legna,

The idea of arbitration

Paulsson, Jan,

Cuba : picturing change

Ledbetter, E. Wright (2002)

Un extrano pájaro de ala azul

Gala, Marcial.(2017)

Social issues and party politics

Jones, Helen, (1998)

Bridging enigma : Cubans on Cuba

Fornet, Ambrosio.; -(1997)

Shakespeare's sonnets

Shakespeare, William,

Gibbon : making history

Porter, Roy, (1988)

The future of history

Lukacs, John, (2011)

The other

Kapuściński, Ryszard.(2008)

Bleak House

Dickens, Charles, (2001)

Territory beyond terra

Peters, Kimberley A; Steinberg, Philip E; Stratford, Elaine; -

Deborah Kerr

Street, Sarah,

Shadow pasts : history's mysteries

Rubinstein, W. D.(2008)

Python for finance

Hilpisch, Yves J.

Routledge handbook of air power

Olsen, John Andreas,

Pakistan : a hard country

Lieven, Anatol.(2012)


Daston, Lorraine Jenifer, (2010)

Davidson's principles and practice of medicine

Ralston, Stuart H; Penman, Ian D; Strachan, Mark W.J; Hobson, Richard P; -

"Raw data" is an oxymoron

Gitelman, Lisa; -

ABC of rheumatology

Adebajo, Ade,

The art of the advocate

Du Cann, Richard(1993)

Global health in times of violence

Rylko-Bauer, Barbara; Whiteford, Linda M.; Farmer, Paul, (2009)


Melrose, Fiona(2017)

Continuing discourse on language : a functional perspective

Hasan, Ruqaiya.; Matthiessen, Christian M. I. M.; Webster, Jonathan, (2005)

Aguja de diversos

Barquet, Jesús J., (2018)

Migrant city

Back, Les,

The birth of theory

Cole, Andrew,

What is populism?

Müller, Jan-Werner,

Essential clinical anatomy

Moore, Keith L.,

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

Bullshit jobs : a theory

Graeber, David,

Valerii Pereleshin : life of a silkworm

Bakich, Olʹga Mikhaĭlovna,

Panorama of the Enlightenment

Outram, Dorinda.(2006)

Energy landscapes

Wales, David J.(2003)

Memoirs of Louis Philippe Comte de Ségur

Ségur, Louis-Philippe de, (1960)

Eugene Onegin : a novel in verse

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, (1990)

Eugene Onegin

Pushkin, Aleksandr S., (1990)

Nikolay Novikov, enlightener of Russia

Jones, W. Gareth, (1984)

A Herzen reader

Herzen, Aleksandr, (2012)

Russian poems,

Coxwell, C. Fillingham


Spiegelman, Art.(2011)


Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,

Barbarism and religion

Pocock, J. G. A.

Re: Quin

Buckeye, Robert

The xenotext

Bök, Christian,

Rancière and literature

Hellyer, Grace; Murphet, Julian; -

Vander's renal physiology

Eaton, Douglas C.,

C'était toute une vie

Bon, François.(1995)

Caste in history

Banerjee-Dube, Ishita; -(2010)

Mr. Love and Justice

MacInnes, Colin.(1960)

In the heart of the seas

Agnon, Shmuel Yosef,


Linhart, Robert(1978)

The complete works

Henryson, Robert, (2010)

Joseph Conrad : a biography

Meyers, Jeffrey.(2001)


Cixous, Hélène, (1999)


Stanbury, Sarah.; -(2001)

A primer on the economics of poverty

Hamilton, David Boyce,


Callinicos, Alex.(1990)

After Seattle : globalisation and its discontents

Crick, Bernard R.; Gunnell, Barbara; Timms, David.; -(2000)

City visions

Bell, David, (2000)

A history of private life

Duby, Georges.; Ariès, Philippe.; Veyne, Paul, (1991)

The arrival

Tan, Shaun

The bell jar

Plath, Sylvia.(1966)


Jonson, Ben, (1968)

The Cold War : a new history

Gaddis, John Lewis.(2005)

Statistics & mechanics

Attwood, Greg,

The Oresteia


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