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Inside lawyers' ethics

Parker, Christine,

Trois contes : texte intégral

Flaubert, Gustave.(2009)

The analysis of legal cases

Donato, Flora Di,

Against nature

Daston, Lorraine,

Existentialism and contemporary cinema : a Beauvoirian perspective

Boulé, Jean-Pierre.; Tidd, Ursula.; -(2012)

Legal theory

Vesting, Thomas,

Unlocking evidence

Singh-Landa, Charanjit,

The Vorrh

Catling, B.

Criminal justice

Hucklesby, Anthea,

European contract law

Schulze, Reiner,

Black and blur

Moten, Fred,

International migration law

Chetail, Vincent,

Measurement of ph

Lawn, Richard E.(2003)

Equity and trusts

Duddington, John,

Complex variables with applications

Wunsch, A. David(2005)

Woodrow Wilson : a biography

Cooper, John Milton.(2011)

Shakespearean tragedy and gender

Garner, Shirley Nelson, (1996)

Passport photos

Kumar, Amitava, (2000)

Anecdotal theory

Gallop, Jane, (2002)

Subaltern studies

Guha, Ranajit.; -(1993)

Faust, a tragedy, part I

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von,

Citizenship and Social Class

Marshall, Thomas Humphrey (1987)


Ramus, Petrus, (1969)

Jannis Kounellis

Kounellis, Jannis, (2003)

Proto-Romance phonology

Hall, Robert A. (1976)

Signals and receptors

Lang, Rob.; Robinson, David.; -(1986)

Inside nuclear South Asia

Sagan, Scott Douglas.; -(2009)

Beyond love

Ḥusayn, Hadīyah(2012)

Diccionario secreto

Cela, Camilo José,

Wild Plants for a Sustainable Future

Ulian, Tiziana.(2019)

Red dog

Anker, Willem,

The Snow Sleeper

Van Niekerk, Marlene.(2019)


Edge, Romilly

Language wars and linguistic politics

Calvet, Louis Jean, (1998)

Camera atomica

O'Brian, John,

The Palgrave handbook of early modern literature and science

Marchitello, Howard; Tribble, Evelyn B.,

Museums and communities : the politics of public culture

Karp, Ivan.; Kreamer, Christine Mullen; Lavine, Steven, (1992)

Light in Darkness The Mystical Philosophy of Jacob Böhme

Brink, Claudia; Martin, Lucinda; Muratori, Cecilia; -

Introduction to probability

Anderson, David F.,

Principles of mucosal immunology

Smith, Phillip D., (2013)

Manifestaciones religiosas en el mundo colonial americano

García Ayluardo, Clara.; Ramos Medina, Manuel.; -(1997)

Honor and loyalty : inside the politics of the George H.W. Bush White House

Feldman, Leslie Dale.; Perotti, Rosanna.; -(2002)

Modern art

Elger, Dietmar,

Screening youth : contemporary French and Francophone cinema

Chareyron, Romain; Viennot, Gilles; -(2019)

The truth of Žižek

Bowman, Paul, (2007)

The sound of musicals

Cohan, Steven,

After cosmopolitan

Braidotti, Rosi,

Health care consumerism

Hamilton, Patricia A.(1982)

Making museums matter

Weil, Stephen E.(2002)

Abortion in England, 1900-1967

Brookes, Barbara L. (1988)

Photography and other media in the nineteenth century

Leonardi, Nicoletta; Natale, Simone; -(2019)

The history of British art

Bindman, David, (2008)

The ECG made easy

Hampton, John R.,

Evil, terrorism and psychiatry

Marazziti, Donatella

Claude Chabrol's aesthetics of opacity

Dousteyssier-Khoze, Catherine(2019)

Becoming national : a reader

Eley, Geoff, (1996)

Why liberalism failed

Deneen, Patrick J.,

Daido Moriyama : Shinjuku 19XX-20XX

Moriyama, Daidō, (2006)

The Caribbean in the twentieth century

Brereton, Bridget, (2004)

There's no place like home video

Moran, James M., (2002)

Nazi games : the Olympics of 1936

Large, David Clay.(2007)

Allegories of the Anthropocene

DeLoughrey, Elizabeth M.,

The Sage handbook of globalization. 2 vols

Steger, Manfred B.; Battersby, Paul.; Siracusa, Joseph M.; -(2015)

Marine geochemistry

Schulz, Horst D., (2006)

The creolization of theory

Lionnet, Françoise.; Shi, Shumei, (2011)

Masculinities and place

Gorman-Murray, Andrew,

Measuring the impact of the nonprofit sector

Flynn, Patrice.; Hodgkinson, Virginia Ann.; -(2001)

Tax, law and development

Brauner, Yariv, (2013)


Berg, Jeremy M.

The toughest Indian in the world

Alexie, Sherman, (2000)

Mornings in Jenin : a novel

Abulhawa, Susan.(2010)


Moore, Brian C. J.; -(1995)

The Oxford handbook of Carl Schmitt

Meierhenrich, Jens.; Simons, Oliver.; -(2017)

Heart failure : a companion to Braunwald's heart disease

Felker, G. Michael; Mann, Douglas L.,


VanderMeer, Jeff


Lotman, I͡U. M.


Hernández Rodríguez, Rafael,

Tragedy, the Greeks and us

Critchley, Simon,

Woodrow Wilson

Brands, H. W.(2003)

Imagery : current perspectives

Shorr, Joseph E.; -(1989)

Paleogenomics : genome-scale analysis of ancient DNA

Lindqvist, Charlotte; Rajora, Om P; -

Arthur Symons : poet, critic, vagabond

Bizzotto, Elisa; Evangelista, Stefano-Maria,

Theatre & laughter

Weitz, Eric

Theatre & the rural

Robinson, Jo,

Theatre & law

Read, Alan,

Theatre & empire

Poore, Benjamin,

Theatre & animals

Orozco García, Lourdes

Theatre & dance

Elswit, Kate.,

The Enlightenment : a genealogy

Edelstein, Dan(2010)

Fundamentals of geobiology

Knoll, Andrew H.; Canfield, Donald E.; Konhauser, Kurt; -(2012)

An emerging modern world, 1750-1870

Conrad, Sebastian; Osterhammel, Jürgen; -

Other Asias

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty.(2007)

Selected letters of William Michael Rossetti

Rossetti, William Michael, (1990)

No space for further burials : a novel

Gauhar, Feryal Ali.(2007)

Urban flood management

Zevenbergen, C. (2011)

What color is the sacred?

Taussig, Michael T.(2009)

Separatism and women's community

Shugar, Dana R., (1995)

The women's atlas

Seager, Joni,

How to lie with maps

Monmonier, Mark S.,

The collected essays of Christopher Hill

Hill, Christopher.(1986)

14-18 : understanding the Great War

Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane.(2002)

International tax primer

Arnold, Brian J.,

Keys to nearctic fauna

Thorp, James H.; Rogers, D. Christopher; -

Voluntary and non-profit management

Osborne, Stephen P., (2013)

Napoleon and Europe

Dwyer, Philip G.; -(2001)

The world through my eyes

Moriyama, Daidō, (2010)

The fallacy of net neutrality

Hazlett, Thomas W.(2011)

The Napoleonic empire

Ellis, Geoffrey James(2003)

The biomechanics of back pain

Adams, Michael A. (2012)

Monet & architecture

Thomson, Richard,

The magic of thinking big

Schwartz, David Joseph,

Picasso & modern British art

Picasso, Pablo, (2012)

Race and erudition

Olender, Maurice.(2009)

Ben Tillman & the reconstruction of white supremacy

Kantrowitz, Stephen David, (2000)

Climate change biology

Hannah, Lee Jay,

Nazi Germany and the Jews

Friedländer, Saul(1998)

Gray's anatomy for students

Drake, Richard L.,

Zizek's politics

Dean, Jodi, (2006)

London in paint

Cheshire, Lee

Medieval writings on secular women

Skinner, Patricia, (2011)

Art & visual culture : a reader

Lymberopoulou, Angeliki; Bracewell-Homer, Pamela; Robinson, Joel David, (2012)

What is an image?

Elkins, James,

Impressionists in London : French artists in exile 1870-1904

Corbeau-Parsons, Caroline; Tillier, Bertrand,

The Spanish Civil War

Thomas, Hugh, (2003)

The politics of extremism in South Asia

Ollapally, Deepa Mary.(2008)

Colonising Egypt

Mitchell, Timothy,

Teaching and researching reading

Grabe, William.(2011)

The logic of practice

Bourdieu, Pierre, (1990)

Indigo : from mummies to blue jeans

Balfour-Paul, Jenny.(2011)

Women, art and the New Deal

Adams, Katherine H.,

Art of the 20th century

Ruhrberg, Karl.; Schneckenburger, Manfred.; Fricke, Christiane.; Honnef, Klaus.; Walther, Ingo F.; -(2012)

William Blake in context

Haggarty, Sarah; -

The franchise era : managing media in the digital economy

Fleury, James.; Hartzheim, Bryan Hikari.; Mamber, Stephen.; -(2019)

How to look at art

Hodge, Susie,

Introduction to computer security

Goodrich, Michael T.,

A writer's diary

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, (2009)

Reassessing 1970s Britain

Black, Lawrence, (2016)


Marks, Geoffrey.(1976)


Ferguson, Niall,

Richard Nixon : the life

Farrell, John A.

The study skills handbook

Cottrell, Stella,

Once upon a secret

Alford, Mimi.

New directions in the philosophy of memory

Michaelian, Kourken [VNV]; Debus Dorothea

Populism in Latin America

Conniff, Michael L.; -(2012)

The Blackwell guide to feminist philosophy

Alcoff, Linda.; Kittay, Eva Feder.; -(2007)

Biologia teoretica

Uexküll, Jakob von. (2015)

The Penguin companion to European Union

Teasdale, Anthony, (2012)

History as an art of memory

Hutton, Patrick H.(1993)

Fundamentals of aerodynamics

Anderson, John David.(2011)

Deschooling : a reader

Lister, Ian; -

The great collectors

Cabanne, Pierre.

African-American art

Patton, Sharon F.(1998)

French feminism in the nineteenth century

Moses, Claire Goldberg, (1984)

On repeat : how music plays the mind

Margulis, Elizabeth Hellmuth.

Give me your love

Haynes, Jon,

Modern art

Dempsey, Amy,

Constituting communities : political solutions to cultural conflict

Mouritsen, Per.; Jørgensen, Knud Erik.; -(2008)

Girls are powerful

Hemmings, Susan.; -(1991)

Critical essays on Joseph Heller

Nagel, James.; -(1984)

British art since 1900

Spalding, Frances, (1986)

Public philosophy in a new key

Tully, James, (2008)

The art museum from Boullée to Bilbao

McClellan, Andrew.(2008)

Foundations of modern probability

Kallenberg, Olav.(2011)

Charity governance

Alexander, Con,

Museums and their communities

Watson, Sheila E. R.; -(2007)

International relations

McGlinchey, Stephen

Geomodernisms : race, modernism, modernity

Doyle, Laura.; Winkiel, Laura A.; -(2005)

Language in space

Wegmann, Monika.

Centrist liberalism triumphant, 1789/1914

Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice, (2011)

Metabolism and nutrition

Vanbergen, Olivia


Liveley, Genevieve,

Antonio Gramsci

Jones, Steve, (2006)

Global sociology

Cohen, Robin, (2013)

The Global South and literature

West-Pavlov, Russell,

Acquisition and the lexicon

Broe, Michael B.; Pierrehumbert, Janet Breckenridge.; -(2000)

Rethinking the Novel/Film Debate

Elliott, Kamilla.(2009)

Contemporary political cinema

Holtmeier, Matthew

C.L.R. James in imperial Britain

Høgsbjerg, Christian

The no-nonsense guide to equality

Dorling, Daniel.(2012)

Dada and surrealism

Ades, Dawn.(1974)

August Wilhelm Schlegel und die Philologie

Buschmeier, Matthias; Kauffmann, Kai,

Doing business in Europe

Suder, Gabriele

European business

Johnson, Debra,

Conversations with Joseph Heller

Heller, Joseph.(2013)

Triumph of the city

Glaeser, Edward L. (2011)

Chamberlain and the lost peace

Charmley, John, (2009)

Readings in planning theory

Fainstein, Susan S.,

International relations and global climate change

Luterbacher, Urs.; Sprinz, Detlef F.; -(2001)

The new energy crisis : climate, economics and geopolitics

Chevalier, Jean-Marie.; Geoffron, Patrice.; -(2013)

The end of policing

Vitale, Alex S

Welfare state and welfare change

Powell, Martin A., (2002)

Romeo and Juliet

Appignanesi, Richard.(2007)

Reel families : a social history of amateur film

Zimmermann, Patricia Rodden(1995)

The journey to the West

Wu, Cheng'en, (2012)

The feast of the goat

Vargas Llosa, Mario, (2012)


Mulhern, Francis.(2000)

The 48 laws of power

Greene, Robert.

The road to disunion

Freehling, William W., (2007)

Narratives of exile and return

Chamberlain, Mary, (2005)

The president

Asturias, Miguel Angel,

Revisiting star studies : cultures, themes and methods

Yu, Sabrina Qiong; Austin, Guy; -(2018)

Policymaking in Latin America : how politics shapes policies

Stein, Ernesto; Tommasi, Mariano, (2008)

Pasolini's bodies and places

Mancini, Michele; Perrella, Giuseppe

Contemporary musical film

Donnelly, K. J. (2019)

The Cambridge handbook of child language

Bavin, Edith Laura; Naigles, Letitia R; -

Nights out : life in cosmopolitan London

Walkowitz, Judith R.(2012)

Fictional minds

Palmer, Alan,

And still I rise

Lawrence, Doreen, (2007)


Heller, Joseph, (2011)

Something happened

Heller, Joseph(2011)

Grammar of expressivity

Gutzmann, Daniel.(2019)

Paid servant

Braithwaite, E. R.(2014)

The afterlife of empire

Bailkin, Jordanna,

The YouTube reader

Snickars, Pelle; Vonderau, Patrick.; -

Developmental science

Cairns, Robert B., (1996)

Phonological structure and phonetic form

Keating, Patricia A.; -(1994)

Constraints in phonological acquisition

Kager, René; Pater, Joe; Zonneveld, Wim; -(2009)

Gesture, segment, prosody

Docherty, Gerard J.; Ladd, D. Robert, (2010)

Infinite jest : a novel

Wallace, David Foster.(2007)

A modest proposal and other writings

Swift, Jonathan, (2009)

English grammar : a generative perspective

Haegeman, Liliane M. V.(1999)

Jacob Epstein

Cork, Richard.(1999)

What postcolonial theory doesn't say

Bernard, Anna; Elmarsafy, Ziad; Murray, Stuart; -(2016)

Guide to abstract algebra

Whitehead, C. (2003)

Memoirs of a black Englishman

Stephenson, Paul, (2011)

Animated Documentary

Roe, Annabelle Honess.(2013)


Prilepin, Zakhar.

An instinct for dragons

Jones, David E., (2002)


Gordon, Matthew J.(2013)

Bye-bye blackbird

Desai, Anita, (1985)

Non-associative normed algebras

Cabrera García, Miguel,

The unwomanly face of war

Aleksievich, Svetlana,

Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science

Michener, Robert H.; Lajtha, Kate.; -(2007)

Changing Britannia : life experience with Britain

Harris, Roxy.; White, Sarah, (1999)

Building Britannia : life experience with Britain

Harris, Roxy.; White, Sarah, (2009)

The crusader world

Boas, Adrian J.,

Essays on the essay film

Alter, Nora M.,

Conference skills

Samwell-Smith, Rosemary

The vortex : a novel

Rivera, José Eustasio,

Comparative law

Kischel, Uwe

Alice in Wonderland : through the visual arts

Delahunty, Gavin; Schulz, Christoph Benjamin; Clayton, Eleanor; -(2011)

Diagnosing syntax

Cheng, Lisa Lai Shen, (2013)

Rampal and his family

Sharma, Ursula, (1971)

The lexicon

Pustejovsky, J.

Dear data

Lupi, Giorgia

Baby no-eyes

Grace, Patricia, (1998)

East Asian screen industries

Davis, Darrell William(2008)

Richard I : the crusader king

Asbridge, Thomas S.,

Introducing palliative care

Twycross , Robert

The Chinese cinema book

Lim, Song Hwee, (2011)

Business and politics in India

Jaffrelot, Christophe,

Home/front : the military, war, and gender in twentieth-century Germany

Hagemann, Karen; Schüler-Springorum, Stefanie.; -(2002)

Social outsiders in Nazi Germany

Gellately, Robert, (2001)

Narrative, emotion, and insight

Carroll, Noël, (2011)

The intellectual and cultural world of the early modern Inns of Court

Archer, Jayne Elisabeth.; Goldring, Elizabeth,

Foundations of vision

Wandell, Brian A.(1995)

Jubilee Book : essays on amateur film

Kapstein, Nancy; -(1997)

The future show

Pearson, Deborah,

Babylon Berlin

Kutscher, Volker,

The Berlin novels

Isherwood, Christopher, (1992)

Governing global health : who runs the world and why?

Clinton, Chelsea. Sridgar, Devi.(2019)

Real-time rendering

Möller, Tomas,

Mental health services in Europe : provision and practice

Brimblecombe, Neil.; Nolan, Peter, (2012)

Energy storage

Huggins, Robert A. (2010)

Screening China's soft power

Voci, Paola; Hui, Luo; -

Normes endogènes et plurilinguisme : aires francophones, aires créoles

Bavoux, Claudine.; Prudent, Lambert-Félix; Wharton, Sylvie; -(2008)

Get ready for A & P

Garrett, Lori K.

Medical Masterclass : Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine

Roberts, Paul R.; Slade, Mark G.; Firth, John D.; -(2018)

Fundamentals of clinical trials

Friedman, Lawrence M., (2015)

Medical Masterclass : Nephrology

Firth, John D.; -(2018)

Medical Masterclass : Endocrinology

Firth, John D.; -(2018)

Medical Masterclass : Acute Medicine

Firth, John D.; -(2018)

Mental health law

Hale, Brenda,

Modern engine tuning

Bell. A. Graham(2001)

Head first Python

Barry, Paul,

Beyond gridlock

Hale, Thomas

L'oeuvre d'art et ses intentions

Pignocchi, Alessandro

101 detectives : stories

Vladislavić, Ivan,


Vladislavic, Ivan(2015)

The complete stories

Lispector, Clarice.

My garden (book)

Kincaid, Jamaica.(2000)

Gastrointestinal physiology

Johnson, Leonard R.,

Theories of punishment

Grupp, Stanley E.

Punishment and deterrence

Andenæs, Johannes,

Public administration and policy in the Caribbean

Minto-Coy, Indianna D; Berman, G. N.

Records management

Read-Smith, Judith,

The writer

Hickson, Ella,

Data privacy for the smart grid

Herold, Rebecca.(2015)

Simply psychology

Eysenck, Michael W.,

Cuba 1959

Glinn, Burt,

Financial Accounting Theory: an accounting quality approach

Samani, Niuosha. Runesson, Emmeli. Marton, Jan(2018)

Brave new neighborhoods

Kohn, Margaret, (2004)

Policing the risk society

Ericson, Richard V., (1996)

Peer mediation

Cremin, Hilary.(2007)

Cultural criminology

Ferrell, Jeff.; Sanders, Clinton.; -(1995)

L'Europe, quelles frontières

Brague, Rémi, (2007)

Understanding statistics

Upton, Graham J. G.(1996)

Debie Ticker Green Plays : one

Ticker Green, Debie.(2018)

Warranties in marine insurance

Soyer, Bariş.(2018)

On private indirect government

Mbembe, Achille.(2000)

Marine insurance law

Gürses, Özlem,

Time charters

Coghlin, Terence, (2014)

Maritime law

Baatz, Yvonne,

Chaos : a very short introduction

Smith, Leonard A.(2007)

Montaigne : a life

Desan, Philippe.(2018)

Women and immigration law : new variations on classical feminist themes

Walsum, Sarah Katherine van.; Spijkerboer, T. (2007)

Margaret Harkness : writing social engagement 1880-1921

Robertson, Lisa C; Janssen, Flore; -

Hanged in error

Hale, Leslie,

Pragmatism and justice

Dieleman, Susan,

49 days

Zhang, Huan, (2011)

Writing for engineers

Van Emden, Joan,

Maritime economics

Stopford, Martin(2009)

Legal validity : the fabric of justice

Köpcke Tinturé, Maris,


Schlichtman, John Joe,

Auctions law and practice

Harvey, Brian W.(2006)

Varieties of exile : stories

Gallant, Mavis.(2003)

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