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Joseph Anton : a memoir

Rushdie, Salman,

Under the udala trees

Okparanta, Chinelo,

A grammar of Yidin

Dixon, Robert M. W.(1977)

A-Morphous morphology

Anderson, Stephen R.(1992)

Oranges are not the only fruit

Winterson, Jeanette, (1985)


Smith, Ali,


Nelson, Jo,


Drnaso, Nick,

Shakespearean films/Shakespearean directors

Donaldson, Peter Samuel, (1990)

The Dyirbal language of North Queensland

Dixon, Robert M. W., (1972)

Human rights in political transitions : Gettysburg to Bosnia

Hesse, Carla Alison.; Post, Robert, (1999)

Computer networks

Tanenbaum, Andrew S.


Scheler, Max, (1994)

Hegel : the phenomenology of spirit

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich,

The movie musical!

Basinger, Jeanine,

Art and thought

Arnold, Dana.; Iversen, Margaret.; -(2003)

The trauma question

Luckhurst, Roger.(2008)

Daily life in Elizabethan England

Forgeng, Jeffrey L., (2010)

Behavioral economics

Cartwright, Edward,

The social work of museums

Silverman, Lois H.(2010)

Has feminism changed science?

Schiebinger, Londa L., (1999)

Medical genetics

Jorde, Lynn B.,

Modern recording techniques

Huber, David Miles,

The Jews of the Middle East and North Africa in modern times

Simon, Reeva S.; Laskier, Michael M., (2003)

Philosophies of race and ethnicity

Osborne, Peter, (2002)

Deux intellectuels dans le siècle, Sartre et Aron

Sirinelli, Jean-François.(1995)

The history of Havana

Cluster, Dick,


Chu, Andrea Long,

Parliament and the law

Horne, Alexander,

Four Restoration marriage plays

Cordner, Michael, (1995)

Parlons polynomie

Sorba, Niculau,

Ending the fossil fuel era

Princen, Thomas,

The imperial game : cricket, culture, and society

Stoddart, Brian.; Sandiford, Keith A. P., (1998)

Wittgenstein's mistress

Markson, David,

Romanticism : an Oxford guide

Roe, Nicholas.; -(2005)

Pounamu pounamu

Ihimaera, Witi,

Rethinking Latin American social movements : radical action from below

Stahler-Sholk, Richard.; Vanden, Harry E.; Becker, Marc

The human place in the cosmos

Scheler, Max, (2009)

Essentials of cloud computing

Chandrasekaran, K.,

The Black press in Britain

Benjamin, Ionie.(1995)

Cloud computing bible

Sosinsky, Barrie A.(2011)

Comparative environmental politics

Steinberg, Paul F.; VanDeveer, Stacy D.; -(2012)

Gavin Bolton : essential writings

Bolton, Gavin M.(2010)

C♯ 5.0 pocket reference

Albahari, Joseph.(2012)

A year without a name

Dunham, Cyrus Grace,

Knives and scabbards

Cowgill, J. (2000)

The algorithmic composer

Cope, David, (2000)

Proceedings of the Battle Conference, 2016

Van Houts, Elisabeth M. C.,

C++ how to program

Deitel, Paul J.

The evolution of social behavior in insects and arachnids

Choe, Jae C.; Crespi, Bernard J.; -(1997)

Fluent Python

Ramalho, Luciano,

Understanding movies

Giannetti, Louis D.,


Skea, Ralph,

Apologia pro vita sua

Newman, John Henry, (1994)

The old curiosity shop

Dickens, Charles, (2000)


Dempsey, Amy,

Key moments in art

Cheshire, Lee,

The complete poems

Brontë, Emily, (1992)

Street art

Armstrong, Simon,

Plays two

Adebayo, Mojisola,

Burnt shadows

Shamsie, Kamila, (2009)

Perecollages 1981-1988

Magné, Bernard.(1989)

Le sexe des rimes

Chevrier, Alain.(1996)

Pere Calders i el seu temps

Puig Molist, Carme.; -(2003)

Heart of the matter : key concepts in cardiovascular science

Terracciano, Cesare.; Guymer, Samuel.; -(2019)

The Oxford handbook of tense and aspect

Binnick, Robert I.; -(2012)

Hun Sen's Cambodia

Strangio, Sebastian.

Introduction to operations research

Hillier, Frederick S.,

Women in audio

Gaston-Bird, Leslie,

A poetics

Bernstein, Charles, (1992)

Comparative social evolution

Rubenstein, Dustin R.,

The organizational behavior reader

Osland, Joyce.; Turner, Marlene E.; -(2011)

Joan Jonas

Jonas, Joan,

Embodiment in cognition and culture

Krois, John Michael.; -(2007)

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