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The art of the advocate

Du Cann, Richard(1993)

Global health in times of violence

Rylko-Bauer, Barbara; Whiteford, Linda M.; Farmer, Paul, (2009)


Melrose, Fiona(2017)

Continuing discourse on language : a functional perspective

Hasan, Ruqaiya.; Matthiessen, Christian M. I. M.; Webster, Jonathan, (2005)

Aguja de diversos

Barquet, Jesús J., (2018)

Migrant city

Back, Les,

The birth of theory

Cole, Andrew,

What is populism?

Müller, Jan-Werner,

Essential clinical anatomy

Moore, Keith L.,

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

Bullshit jobs : a theory

Graeber, David,

Valerii Pereleshin : life of a silkworm

Bakich, Olʹga Mikhaĭlovna,

Panorama of the Enlightenment

Outram, Dorinda.(2006)

Energy landscapes

Wales, David J.(2003)

Memoirs of Louis Philippe Comte de Ségur

Ségur, Louis-Philippe de, (1960)

Eugene Onegin : a novel in verse

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, (1990)

Eugene Onegin

Pushkin, Aleksandr S., (1990)

Nikolay Novikov, enlightener of Russia

Jones, W. Gareth, (1984)

A Herzen reader

Herzen, Aleksandr, (2012)

Russian poems,

Coxwell, C. Fillingham


Spiegelman, Art.(2011)


Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,

Barbarism and religion

Pocock, J. G. A.

Re: Quin

Buckeye, Robert

The xenotext

Bök, Christian,

Rancière and literature

Hellyer, Grace; Murphet, Julian; -

Vander's renal physiology

Eaton, Douglas C.,

C'était toute une vie

Bon, François.(1995)

Caste in history

Banerjee-Dube, Ishita; -(2010)

Mr. Love and Justice

MacInnes, Colin.(1960)

In the heart of the seas

Agnon, Shmuel Yosef,


Linhart, Robert(1978)

The complete works

Henryson, Robert, (2010)

Joseph Conrad : a biography

Meyers, Jeffrey.(2001)


Cixous, Hélène, (1999)


Stanbury, Sarah.; -(2001)

A primer on the economics of poverty

Hamilton, David Boyce,


Callinicos, Alex.(1990)

After Seattle : globalisation and its discontents

Crick, Bernard R.; Gunnell, Barbara; Timms, David.; -(2000)

City visions

Bell, David, (2000)

A history of private life

Duby, Georges.; Ariès, Philippe.; Veyne, Paul, (1991)

The arrival

Tan, Shaun

The bell jar

Plath, Sylvia.(1966)


Jonson, Ben, (1968)

The Cold War : a new history

Gaddis, John Lewis.(2005)

Statistics & mechanics

Attwood, Greg,

The Oresteia


The SAGE handbook of workplace learning

Malloch, Margaret.; -(1320)

Didática do português : língua de herança

Melo-Pfeifer, Sílvia; Grosso, Maria José; -


Grand Corps Malade,


Large, David Clay.(2000)

The artificial silk girl

Keun, Irmgard, (2002)

Barbarism and religion

Pocock, J. G. A.

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2014)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2006)

Piers the Ploughman

Langland, William, (1966)

Robert Doisneau, 1912-1994

Gautrand, Jean-Claude.(2012)

La photographie et l'(auto)biographie

Jopeck, Sylvie.; -(2004)

Data histories

Aronova, E. A.

The pain journal

Flanagan, Bob, (2000)

Cultures of natural history

Jardine, Nicholas.; Secord, James A.; Spary, E. C.; -(1996)

Careers 2018


The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2004)

Semiconductor optics

Klingshirn, C. F. (2012)

Essential reproduction

Johnson, M. H.,

Le bonheur de la littérature : variations critiques pour Béatrice Didier

Montalbetti, Christine; Neefs, Jacques.; Didier, Béatrice.; -(2005)


Juno, Andrea.; Vale, V.; Ballard, J. G., (1987)

Redefining organized crime : a challenge for the European Union

Carnevale, Stefania; Forlati, Serena; Giolo, Orsetta; -

The island princess

Fletcher, John,

History of the Surrealist movement

Durozoi, Gérard.(2002)

The Laboratory revolution in medicine

Cunningham, Andrew, (1992)

Réparer les vivants : roman

Kerangal, Maylis de,

Les savoirs littéraires

Viart, Dominique,

Women and the victorian occult

Kontou, Tatiana.; -(2015)

The Cambridge history of science

Lindberg, David C.; Numbers, Ronald L.; Jones, Alexander; Shank, Michael H.; Daston, Lorraine,

When memory comes

Friedländer, Saul,

The Live Art almanac

Keidan, Lois.; -(2011)

American born Chinese

Yang, Gene Luen,

Exit wounds

Modan, Rutu.(2007)

The Dutch courtesan

Marston, John,

Kingdom cons

Herrera, Yuri,

The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1940

Gonzales, Michael J., (2002)


Ghosh, Shohini, (2010)

A social history of knowledge

Burke, Peter, (2012)

Augustine of Hippo : a biography

Brown, Peter, (2000)

Histories of scientific observation

Daston, Lorraine, (2011)

Medicine and the reign of technology

Reiser, Stanley Joel.(1978)

Caste in India

Mines, Diane P., (2009)

Wasp Farm

Evans, Howard Ensign.(1963)

The witch of Edmonton

Dekker, Thomas,

Homère est morte ...

Cixous, Hélène,

Fables of the law : fairy tales in a legal context

Carpi, Daniela; Leiboff, Marett; -

These men thy friends

Thompson, Edward John,

Corniche Kennedy

Kerangal, Maylis de(2015)

Zahra's paradise

Amir, (2011)

The rise of the uncorporation

Ribstein, Larry E.(2010)

Naissance d'un pont

Kerangal, Maylis de


Cixous, Hélène, (1986)

Sortie d'usine

Bon, François(1982)


Bon, François.(1998)

Art direction and production design

Fischer, Lucy; -(2015)

God in the Enlightenment

Bulman, William J.,

The Iranian Revolution

Wagner, Heather Lehr.(2010)


Sousanis, Nick

Mobile microrobotics

Sitti, Metin

The complete works of Marcel Duchamp;

Schwarz, Arturo, (1969)

The history of White people

Painter, Nell Irvin.(2010)

Suite française

Némirovsky, Irène, (2007)

Jane : a murder

Nelson, Maggie,

Her body & other parties

Machado, Carmen Maria,

Berlin noir

Kerr, Philip, (2012)

The creative critic : writing as/about practice

Orley, Emily; Hilevaara, Katja; -

The Live Art Almanac

Brine, Daniel.; -(2008)

Beneath the lion's gaze : a novel

Mengiste, Maaza.(2010)

Berlin's third sex

Hirschfeld, Magnus,

The loneliness of angels

Chancy, Myriam J. A., (2010)

Chandigarh is in India

Jhaveri, Shanay,

Alevism as an ethno-religious identity : contested boundaries

Jenkins, Celia; Aydın, Suavi; Cetin, Umit; -

Ideology and welfare

Taylor, Gary, (2007)

ACTivate your life

Oliver, Joe

Managing stress

Joseph, Kate

How to be a Victorian

Goodman, Ruth,

The city of God


Modern challenges to Islamic law

Ali, Shaheen Sardar,

Film architecture : set designs from Metropolis to Blade runner

Neumann, Dietrich.; Albrecht, Donald.; -(1999)

Picturing Iran : art, society and revolution

Gumpert, Lynn.; Balaghi, Shiva.; -(2002)

Cryptography made simple

Smart, Nigel P.

Prisoner's dilemma

Poundstone, William(1992)

Action in perception

Noë, Alva(2004)

The reasoned schemer

Friedman, Daniel P


Cytowic, Richard E.,

Law and literature

Dolin, Kieran,

Animaltown : beasts in medieval urban space

Choyke, Alice Mathea; Jaritz, Gerhard,

Seven myths of the Crusades

Andrea, Alfred J.,

Frailty models in survival analysis

Wienke, Andreas.(2011)

Être singulier pluriel

Nancy, Jean-Luc,

La communauté désœuvrée

Nancy, Jean-Luc.(1999)

Haiti : the aftershocks of history

Dubois, Laurent, (2012)

L'entretien infini

Blanchot, Maurice.(1992)

La communauté inavouable

Blanchot, Maurice.(1983)

This is not that dawn

Yashpal, (2010)

Bye bye Babylon : Beirut 1975-79

Ziadé, Lamia.(2011)

RNA bioinformatics

Picardi, Ernesto,

Mémoire de fille

Ernaux, Annie,

Tender buttons

Stein, Gertrude,

Lenin on the train

Merridale, Catherine,

The nature of economies

Jacobs, Jane, (2000)

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Döblin, Alfred,

The modernism handbook

Tew, Philip.; Murray, Alex, (2009)

The French cinema book

Temple, Michael,

Costume, makeup, and hair

McLean, Adrienne L.,

Statistical models in epidemiology

Clayton, David, (2013)

English puritanism 1603-1689

Spurr, John.(1998)

The third reel

Naude, S.J.(2018)

Law reform in plural societies

Mulitalo Ropinisone Silipa Seumanutafa, Teleiai Lalotoa,

Dementia and human rights

Cahill, Suzanne(2017)

The next American essay

D'Agata, John, (2003)

Live art almanac : volume 4

Curtis, Harriet.; Keidan, Lois.; Wright, Aaron.; -(2016)

Evening primrose

Matlwa, Kopano,

Un sac de billes

Joffo, Joseph(2017)

The affect theory reader

Gregg, Melissa, (2010)

Constitutional and administrative law

Taylor, Christopher W., (2017)

Organized crime

Lyman, Michael D.

Gold boy, emerald girl

Li, Yiyun, (2011)

Making literature now

Hungerford, Amy,

Programmed visions : software and memory

Chun, Wendy Hui Kyong, (2011)

Race after the Internet

Nakamura, Lisa.; Chow-White, Peter.; -(2012)

The Oxford handbook of algorithmic music

Dean, R. T.; McLean, Alex,

How to write a thesis

Murray, Rowena,

Mussolini and Italian fascism

Finaldi, Giuseppe.(2008)

Civil society in Southeast Asia

Lee, Hock Guan.; -(2004)

The complete poetical works of Constance Naden

Naden, Constance Caroline Woodhill.(2016)

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages

Harris, Stephen J., (2009)

Constantine to c. 600

Casiday, Augustine,

The Cambridge companion to Abelard

Brower, Jeffrey E.; Guilfoy, Kevin.; -

Galatea 2.2

Powers, Richard, (2010)

How animals see the world : comparative behavior, biology, and evolution of vision

Lazareva, Olga F.; Shimizu, Toru.; Wasserman, Edward A.; -(2012)

Young Adam

Trocchi, Alexander.(2018)

Social capital

Halpern, David (2005)

Malemort : roman

Glissant, Édouard, (1997)

Comparative perspectives on criminal justice in China

McConville, Michael.; Pils, Eva.; -(2013)

Basic & clinical pharmacology

Katzung, Bertram G.,

Discrimination : the limits of law

Hepple, B. A.; Szyszczak, Erika M.; -(1992)

A short history of the Middle Ages

Rosenwein, Barbara H.(2014)

The tunnel

Richardson, Dorothy M.

La fabrique des singularités

Meizoz, Jérôme, (2011)

On literary worlds

Hayot, Eric, (2012)

Cnut the Great

Bolton, Timothy,

Nancy and visual culture

Giunta, Carrie,

Zone One

Whitehead, Colson, (2012)

The bug

Ullman, Ellen.(2013)

The architecture of failure

Murphy, Douglas.(2012)

Anthropocene feminism

Grusin, Richard A.,

Feminist surveillance studies

Dubrofsky, Rachel E.; Magnet, Shoshana.; -

Old Testament narratives

Anlezark, Daniel.; -(2011)

Politics UK

Jones, Bill,

Social research

Sarantakos, S. (2012)

Lee Lozano : not working

Applin, Jo.(2018)

Occidentalism : images of the West

Carrier, James G.; -(1995)

Same sex love and desire among women in the Middle Ages

Canadé Sautman, Francesca.; Sheingorn, Pamela.; -(2001)

Fallen land

Flanery, Patrick,

Foucault's last decade

Elden, Stuart,

Paediatric dentistry

Welbury, Richard,

Old English shorter poems

Jones, Christopher A. (2012)

Yvonne Rainer : the mind is a muscle

Wood, Catherine, (2007)

Chemistry : a molecular approach

Tro, Nivaldo J.(2017)

Something bright, then holes

Nelson, Maggie, (2007)

Ça peut pas rater!

Legardinier, Gilles,

Social markers in speech

Scherer, Klaus R.; Giles, Howard, (1979)

Sport, culture, and ideology

Hargreaves, Jennifer, (2014)

The South and film

French, Warren G.,

The lost origins of the essay

D'Agata, John, (2009)

Cain's book

Trocchi, Alexander,

Foucault on painting

Soussloff, Catherine M.,


Salvato, Nick,

Readers' liberation

Rose, Jonathan, (2018)

Unlocking equity and trusts

Ramjohn, Mohamed,

Marx and Foucault : essays,

Negri, Antonio,

The Sinthome

Lacan, Jacques,

Modernism in a global context

Kalliney, Peter J.,

Anna Livia Plurabelle

Joyce, James,

The letters of Abelard and Heloise

Radice, Betty.; Clanchy, M. T.; Abelard, Peter, (2003)

Subcultural theory : traditions and concepts

Williams, J. Patrick, (2011)

Richard Long : a line made by walking

Roelstraete, Dieter.(2010)

George Eliot's grammar of being

Raines, Melissa Anne,

The human right to dominate

Perugini, Nicola.

Critique of Black reason

Mbembe, Achille,

Wild thorns

Khalīfah, Saḥar.(2005)

The attack

Khadra, Yasmina.(2007)

May we be forgiven

Homes, A. M.(2013)

Subcultures : the basics

Haenfler, Ross.

If Beale Street could talk

Baldwin, James, (1994)

D.I.Y. too

Daniels, Robert Jude,


Daniels, Robert Jude,

Visual global politics

Bleiker, Roland,

Elle s'appelait Sarah : roman

Rosnay, Tatiana de, (2010)

Chasing shadows

DeLonge, Tom,


Bennett, Claire-Louise,

Vocabulaire anglais

Back, Martin. (2007)

Introduction to chemical principles

Stoker, H. Stephen (2014)

Tenth of December

Saunders, George,

General idea : Imagevirus

Bordowitz, Gregg.(2010)

Peace operations between war and peace

Schmidl, Erwin A., (2000)

The wire : race, class, and genre

Kennedy, Liam, (2012)

Wilkie Collins, medicine, and the gothic

Talairach-Vielmas, Laurence.(2009)


Miéville, China.(2012)

The flame alphabet

Marcus, Ben,

Lady Windermere's fan

Wilde, Oscar, (1999)

Gods terrible voice in the city!

Vincent, Thomas, (2012)

Curious naturalists

Tinbergen, Niko, (1984)

Brock biology of microorganisms

Madigan, Michael T.,

The hill of dreams

Machen, Arthur, (2010)

Herbert Lacy

Lister, Thomas Henry(2015)

Fallen land

Flanery, Patrick, (2013)

Hieroglyphs (Chitralipi)

Dahake, Vasant Abaji.

Victorian pain

Ablow, Rachel,

Dickens and the dream of cinema

Smith, Grahame, (2003)

The mysteries of London

Reynolds, George W. M. (2013)

La leçon d'Althusser

Rancière, Jacques.(2011)

Mai 68, l'héritage impossible

Le Goff, Jean-Pierre, (2006)

Not without laughter

Hughes, Langston,

Dans l'enfer des tournantes

Bellil, Samira.(2003)

Eloge de l'amour

Badiou, Alain.(2016)

L'etre et l'evenement

Badiou, Alain.(1988)

Essentials of the human brain

Nolte, John.(2010)

The future of the euro

Matthijs, Matthias.; Blyth, Mark,

Biographies of scientific objects

Daston, Lorraine, (2000)


Watkins, Claire Vaye,

Frankenstein : the 1818 text

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft,

London E1

Poole, Robert,

Science fiction

Luckhurst, Roger.(2005)

The living

Joseph, Anjali,

Another country

Joseph, Anjali, (2013)

Saraswati Park

Joseph, Anjali, (2010)

Science : a history, 1543-2001

Gribbin, John R.(2003)

I am no one

Flanery, Patrick,

Swann at 100

Watt, Adam A.

Humanist comedies

Grund, Gary R. (2005)


Williams, William Carlos, (1995)


Oswald, Alice, (2002)

Mary Barton

Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, (2006)

Ian Hamilton Finlay : selections

Finlay, Ian Hamilton.(2012)

Notas al total

Fernández Fe, Gerardo,

La falacia

Fernández Fe, Gerardo,

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles,

Little Dorrit

Dickens, Charles,

El salvaje placer de explorar

Díaz Mantilla, Daniel,

Buscar la lengua : poesía reunida 1975-2015

Díaz de Villegas, Néstor, (2015)


Chingonyi, Kayombo, (2017)

Collected fictions

Borges, Jorge Luis, (1998)

Selected poems

Ashbery, John.(2002)

Medicine and social justice : essays on the distribution of health care

Rhodes, Rosamond.; Battin, M. Pabst.; Silvers, Anita.; -(2012)

Accumulated vision : Barry Le Va

Le Va, Barry, (2005)

I-D : i-D covers 1980-2010

Jones, Terry, (2010)

An invitation to cognitive science

Osherson, Daniel N.; Gleitman, Lila R.; Liberman, Mark.; -(1995)

Collected plays

Karnad, Girish Raghunath,

The geese of Beaver Bog

Heinrich, Bernd, (2004)

Mathematics for economic analysis

Sydsæter, Knut.(1995)


Stein, Gertrude, (1984)

Chanson douce : roman

Slimani, Leïla,

Mephistopheles : the Devil in the modern world

Russell, Jeffrey Burton.(1986)

General chemistry

McQuarrie, Donald A.

Why we can't wait

JR., Martin Luther King,(2018)

Diaghilev's Ballets russes

Garafola, Lynn.(1998)

Social research : an introduction

David, Matthew.(2011)

The poetry of commitment in South Africa

Alvarez-Péreyre, Jacques.(1984)

The landscape of qualitative research

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

Strategies of qualitative inquiry

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

Collecting and interpreting qualitative materials

Denzin, Norman K.; Lincoln, Yvonna S.; -

100 years of American film

Beaver, Frank Eugene.; -(2000)


Luther, Martin. (1987)

Le père Goriot : roman

Balzac, Honoré de,

Cairo : my city, our revolution

Soueif, Ahdaf.(2012)


Simon, Claude.(2003)

Story of O

Réage, Pauline.(1972)

En quel temps vivons-nous?

Rancière, Jacques,

Malaise dans l'esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2004)

L'inconscient esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2001)


Padmanabhan, Manjula.

Principles of modern chemistry

Oxtoby, David W.(2016)

Judios de Avila

León Tello, Pilar.(1963)

Fonctions de la peinture

Léger, Fernand, (1996)

Out of work

Law, John,

Raffles : the amateur cracksman

Hornung, E. W. (2003)

Retour à Yvetot

Ernaux, Annie,

Retour à Reims

Eribon, Didier,

Tristan et Yseut

Béroul, (2000)

The toughest Indian in the world

Alexie, Sherman, (2000)

Making meaning in Indian cinema

Vasudevan, Ravi.; -(2002)

Digital discourse : language in the new media

Thurlow, Crispin.; Mroczek, Kristine R.; -(2011)

Lecture notes

McKay, Gerard A.; Walters, Matthew R.; -(2013)

The Black-Scholes model

Capiński, Marek, (2012)

Introducing global issues

Snarr, Michael T.,

Animism in art and performance

Braddock, Christopher,

Magic and medieval society

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne,

The handbook of Chinese linguistics

Huang, C. T. James.(2018)

Land law

Duddington, John,

The Oxford handbook of populism

Rovira Kaltwasser, Cristóbal.; Taggart, Paul A.; Ochoa Espejo, Paulina,

The collective memory reader

Olick, Jeffrey K., (2011)

One party dominance. Fianna Fáil and Irish politics 1926-2016

McGraw, Sean D.; Malley, Eoin.; -(2017)

Encyclopedia of drug policy

Kleiman, Mark.; Hawdon, James.; -(2011)

On the Wire

Williams, Linda,

The wire

Vint, Sherryl,

Clinical pharmacology

Bennett, P. N.(2012)

ABC of dermatology

Morris-Jones, Rachael,

Cinema at the periphery

Iordanova, Dina.; Martin-Jones, David.; Vidal, Belén.; -(2010)

The generic book

Carlson, Greg N., (1995)


Parry, Bronwyn,

Color atlas of pharmacology

Lüllmann, Heinz,

Contract law

Finch, Emily,


Bykov, Dmitriĭ,

Alguna enfermedad muy grave

Portela, Ena Lucía, (2006)

Class, sports, and social development

Gruneau, Richard S., (1999)

Basic mathematics

Lang, Serge, (1988)

Financial investments

Griffiths, Howard, (1990)

Performing Dramaturgy

Graham, Fiona,

Survival of the sickest : the art of Martin O'Brien

O'Brien, Martin.; MacDiarmid, David.; -

A-level chemistry

Ramsden, E. N.(2014)

Exploring parliament

Leston-Bandeira, Cristina.

The wire : truth be told

Alvarez, Rafael, (2009)

The erotics of instruction

Barreca, Regina.; Morse, Deborah Denenholz, (1997)

Mosby's dental dictionary

Avery, David R.; Chen, Tabitha.; -

\6880-01\aImpossible stories

Živković, Zoran, (2016)

Hidden camera

Zivkovic, Zoran.(2017)

Monte Carlo

Terrin, Peter,

Company law

Taylor, Christopher W

The last tea

Tahir, M. Athar


Racine, Jean, (1991)

A woman loved

Makine, Andreï,

A kingdom of souls

Hodrová, Daniela,

Criminal law

Finch, Emily,

English legal system

Finch, Emily

Protest and social movements in the developing world

Shigetomi, Shinʼichi; Makino, Kumiko; -(2009)

Wissen in Literatur im 19. Jahrhundert

Danneberg, Lutz; Vollhardt, Friedrich; Böhme, Hartmut.; Schönert, Jörg; -(2002)

The cell as a machine

Sheetz, Michael P.,

Approaches to discourse

Schiffrin, Deborah.(1994)


Roitman, Janet L.

The guy's guide to feminism

Kaufman, Michael, (2011)

Borders : a very short introduction

Diener, Alexander C.(2012)

Mapping Benjamin : the work of art in the digital age

Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich.; Marrinan, Michael.; -(2003)

Sincerity and authenticity

Trilling, Lionel,


Brée, Germaine.(1961)


Nodelman, Perry.; -(1985)

The discourse reader

Jaworski, Adam,

Labour in the Caribbean : from emancipation to independence

Cross, Malcolm.; Heuman, Gad J.; -(1988)

Rider Haggard

Etherington, Norman.(1984)

Morphogenesis of urban networks

Barthelemy, Marc.(2016)


Whalen, Karen,

Tourism, progress and peace

Kelly, Ian, (2010)

Thérèse Raquin : roman

Zola, Émile, (2008)

Joothan : an untouchable's life

Vālmīki, Omaprakāśa, (2003)

A Stein reader

Stein, Gertrude, (1993)

Satyajit Ray on cinema

Ray, Satyajit,

The ethics of nationalism

Moore, Margaret (2001)

Horace : tragédie

Corneille, Pierre, (2008)

White girls

Als, Hilton

World Bank literature

Kumar, Amitava, (2003)

The Jews of early modern Venice

Davis, Robert C. (2001)

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