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Gavin Bolton : essential writings

Bolton, Gavin M.(2010)

C♯ 5.0 pocket reference

Albahari, Joseph.(2012)

A year without a name

Dunham, Cyrus Grace,

Knives and scabbards

Cowgill, J. (2000)

The algorithmic composer

Cope, David, (2000)

Proceedings of the Battle Conference, 2016

Van Houts, Elisabeth M. C.,

British industry and european law

Keeton, George W.(1974)

C++ how to program

Deitel, Paul J.

The evolution of social behavior in insects and arachnids

Choe, Jae C.; Crespi, Bernard J.; -(1997)

Fluent Python

Ramalho, Luciano,

Understanding movies

Giannetti, Louis D.,


Skea, Ralph,

Apologia pro vita sua

Newman, John Henry, (1994)

The old curiosity shop

Dickens, Charles, (2000)


Dempsey, Amy,

Key moments in art

Cheshire, Lee,

The complete poems

Brontë, Emily, (1992)

Street art

Armstrong, Simon,

Plays two

Adebayo, Mojisola,

Burnt shadows

Shamsie, Kamila, (2009)

Perecollages 1981-1988

Magné, Bernard.(1989)

Le sexe des rimes

Chevrier, Alain.(1996)

Pere Calders i el seu temps

Puig Molist, Carme.; -(2003)

Heart of the matter : key concepts in cardiovascular science

Terracciano, Cesare.; Guymer, Samuel.; -(2019)

The Oxford handbook of tense and aspect

Binnick, Robert I.; -(2012)

Hun Sen's Cambodia

Strangio, Sebastian.

Introduction to operations research

Hillier, Frederick S.,

Women in audio

Gaston-Bird, Leslie,

A poetics

Bernstein, Charles, (1992)

Comparative social evolution

Rubenstein, Dustin R.,

The organizational behavior reader

Osland, Joyce.; Turner, Marlene E.; -(2011)

Joan Jonas

Jonas, Joan,

Embodiment in cognition and culture

Krois, John Michael.; -(2007)


Johannessen, Janne Bondi.(1998)

The origins of vowel systems

De Boer, Bart.(2001)

Textbook of surgery

Smith, Julian A.,

Picturing atrocity : photography in crisis

Batchen, Geoffrey.; Gidley, M. (2012)

Commodities and capabilities

Sen, Amartya, (1999)

Portrayal and the search for identity

Pointon, Marcia R.(2013)


McKnight, Rebecca,

Class field theory : the Bonn Lectures

Neukirch, Jürgen, (2013)

James Baldwin : a biography

Leeming, David Adams,

Globalization in historical perspective

Bordo, Michael D.; Taylor, Alan M., (2003)

Structure & function of the body

Thibodeau, Gary A., (2012)

International business

Collinson, Simon

Duty free art

Steyerl, Hito,

Operations management

Slack, Nigel,

An introduction to group rings

Milies, César Polcino.(2002)

Ecriverons et liserons en vingt lettres

Laclavetine, Jean-Marie, (1998)

Questions of syntax

Kayne, Richard S.,

Art and objects

Harman, Graham,

Performing for the camera

Baker, Simon, (2016)

ECMO in the adult patient

Vuylsteke, Alain,

Anthology of Islamic banking

Siddiqi, Asma.; -(2000)

Making things public : atmospheres of democracy

Latour, Bruno.; Weibel, Peter.; -(2005)

Droit de l'entreprise

Fasquelle, Daniel. (2014)

Small time life

Stitt, André, (2001)


Miller, Madeline,

Understanding global trade

Helpman, Elhanan.(2011)

Multivariate data analysis

Hair, Joseph F.,

Refugees in international relations

Betts, Alexander, (2011)

The last days of Stalin

Rubenstein, Joshua.(2016)

Notes from the blockade

Ginzburg, Lidiia,

Extremely loud & incredibly close

Foer, Jonathan Safran,

Class field theory

Childress, Nancy, (2009)

Second-hand time

Aleksievich, Svetlana,

Unhaltbare Zustände : Roman

Sulzer, Alain Claude,

Tage wie Hunde

Schweikert, Ruth,


Savolainen, Patrick,

Mein Alphabet

Rakuša, Ilma,

Der Sprung : Roman

Lappert, Simone,

Schon bald

Gahse, Zsuzsanna,

GRM : Brainfuck : Roman

Berg, Sibylle,

Die Nachkommende

Zic, Ivna.

Dort : Roman

Stoifberg, Niko,

The economy of literature

Shell, Marc.(1978)

Der Stotterer : Roman

Lewinsky, Charles,

A course in Galois theory

Garling, D. J. H.,

Empire of chaos

Amin, Samir.(1992)

Revisiting Gramsci's Notebooks

Antonini, Francesca,

The origins of Nazi violence

Traverso, Enzo.(2003)

Modular Forms

Miyake, Toshitsune.,

The morning news is exciting

Choi, Don Mee., (2010)

Improbable journeys

Aichinger, Ilse,

Letters from Tove

Jansson, Tove,

Trauma : a social theory

Alexander, Jeffrey C., (2012)


Sajjād Ẓahīr,

The ECG workbook

Rowlands, Angela,


Isusi, Javier de,

Necromancer (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

Flammenberg, Lawrence.(2011)

The ecocriticism reader : landmarks in literary ecology

Glotfelty, Cheryll.; Fromm, Harold.; -(1996)

In the shadow of no towers

Spiegelman, Art.(2004)


Brossa, Joan,

Comparative law and anthropology

Nafziger, James A. R.,

Indigenous peoples and poverty : an international perspective

Eversole, Robyn.; McNeish, John-Andrew.; Cimadamore, Alberto D.; -(2005)


Roca, Paco

Presas fáciles

Prado, Miguelanxo,

Theatre and translation

Laera, Margherita

The living image in Renaissance art

Jacobs, Fredrika Herman.(2005)

Break It down : stories

Davis, Lydia, (2008)

El arte de volar

Altarriba, A.

El ala rota

Altarriba, A. (Antonio),

Inventing women : science, technology, and gender

Kirkup, Gill.; Keller, Laurie S.; -(1992)

The Hidden Jane Austen

Wiltshire, John.

Oblivion : stories

Wallace, David Foster.(2005)

The rhetoric of economics

McCloskey, Deirdre N.(1998)

Deep mediatization

Hepp, Andreas,

A new history of management

Cummings, Stephen,

Meaning in the brain

Baggio, Giosuè,

Bilder animierter Bewegung = Images of animate movement

Leyssen, Sigrid.; Rathgeber, Pirkko.; -(2013)

Legal path of Russia

Zorkin, Valery.(2019)

Distant reading

Moretti, Franco,

Banjo : a story without a plot

McKay, Claude, (2008)

New trends in Ethiopian studies : Ethiopia 94

Marcus, Harold G.; Hudson, Grover.; -(1994)

Letters of medieval women

Crawford, Anne.; -(2002)

A treatise on Northern Ireland

O'Leary, Brendan,

Hou Hsiao-hsien

Suchenski, Richard I; -

Time and narrative

Ricoeur, Paul.(1985)

A treatise on Northern Ireland

O'Leary, Brendan,

A treatise on Northern Ireland

O'Leary, Brendan,

Comedy and the rise of Rome

Leigh, Matthew.(2004)

British fiction today

Tew, Philip.; Mengham, Rod, (2006)

The Salt companion to Mina Loy

Potter, Rachel (2010)

The Oxford handbook of reading

Pollatsek, Alexander,

The Oxford handbook of ellipsis

Craenenbroeck, Jeroen van,

The colour of sculpture, 1840-1910

Blühm, Andreas.; -(1996)


Harsent, David, (2011)

Sleepless nights

Hardwick, Elizabeth,

Love and information

Churchill, Caryl.(2012)

Global breast care quality

Verhoeven, Didier,

The major works

Sidney, Philip, (2002)

Women in nineteenth-century Europe

Fuchs, Rachel Ginnis, (2005)

Geopoetics in practice

Magrane, Eric,

Twentieth-century Marxism : a global introduction

Glaser, Daryl.; Walker, David M. (2007)

Germany's colonial pasts

Ames, Eric, (2005)

Flow-induced vibration

Blevins, Robert D.(1990)

Hallier : l'edernel jeune homme

Thiollet, Jean-Pierre,

The Arthurian handbook

Lacy, Norris J.(1997)

American writings

Hearn, Lafcadio, (2009)

The magic island

Seabrook, William,

The pioneers

Cooper, James Fenimore, (1988)


Plaatje, Sol. T.

Dance dance revolution : poems

Hong, Cathy Park.(2007)

The fall

Conrad, Ameera,

Doctor Faustus

Marlowe, Christopher,

The fire next time

Baldwin, James,

Notes of a native son

Baldwin, James,

A new companion to Malory

Leitch, Megan G.,

Selected poems

Tagore, Rabindranath,

Directions to servants

Swift, Jonathan,

The garden party and other stories

Mansfield, Katherine, (2007)

Wales since 1939

Johnes, Martin.(2012)

The scandal of the season

Gee, Sophie, (2008)

Sheaves in topology

Dimca, Alexandru.(2004)

Torture Garden : a photographic archive of the new flesh

Wood, David.; Cadaver, Jeremy.; Sivroni, Alan.; -(1996)

Masculinities in play

Voorhees, Gerald,

Diagnostic ultrasound

Rumack, Carol M.,

The Peasants' Revolt of 1381

Dobson, R. B. (1983)


Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan,


Miller, Daniel, (2005)

The song of Roland

Burgess, Glyn S. (1990)

Sonny's blues and other stories

Baldwin, James, (1995)

Building the American republic

Watson, Harry L.,

A theory of shopping

Miller, Daniel, (1998)

The New Cambridge Modern History

Hinsley, F. H.(1962)

Sufism : a global history

Green, Nile.(2012)

Original stories from real life

Wollstonecraft, Mary, (2017)

Building the American republic

Dailey, Jane Elizabeth,

Fantin-Latour : à fleur de peau

Fantin-Latour, Henri,

The world republic of letters

Casanova, Pascale,

Steps to an ecology of mind

Bateson, Gregory, (2000)

Wilde's other worlds

Davis, Michael F.,

Magical realism and the postcolonial novel

Warnes, Christopher.(2009)


Ward, Mary Augusta (1985)

CLR via C#

Richter, Jeffrey.

Labour law

Collins, Hugh,

Un roman français : roman

Beigbeder, Frédéric.(2009)

La nuit des temps

Barjavel, René,

Java network programming

Harold, Elliotte Rusty,

The woodlanders

Hardy, Thomas, (1996)

Izbrannoe trudy : Geteana

Gabrichevskiĭ, A.

The sound of nonsense

Elliott, Richard,

Daniel Deronda

Eliot, George,

Middling English

Bergvall, Caroline.(2010)

Writing a compiler in Go

Ball, Thorsten,

All's well that ends well

Shakespeare, William,

Seven brothers : a novel

Kivi, Aleksis, (1991)

Shakespeare and text

Jowett, John,

Shakespeare and the afterlife

Garrison, John S.,

Orphic Paris

Cole, Henri,

The organization man

Whyte, William Hollingsworth.(2002)

The white devil

Webster, John,

A shabby genteel story and other writings

Thackeray, William Makepeace, (1993)

King John

Shakespeare, William,

Milton and the idea of the fall

Poole, William, (2005)

A double life

Pavlova, Karolina,

The revenger's tragedy

Middleton, Thomas,

Priests of the law

McSweeney, Thomas J.,

Fluid mechanics

Fox, Robert W.,

Madness : the invention of an idea

Foucault, Michel, (2011)



Housing law and policy

Cowan, David (2011)

Regaining paradise lost

Corns, Thomas N.(1994)

The testaments

Atwood, Margaret,

Narrating complexity

Walsh, Richard,

Unequal Britain at work

Felstead, Alan,

The complete poems

Whitman, Walt,


Smith, Ali,

Mr Salary

Rooney, Sally,

Hatred of democracy

Rancière, Jacques

Dear life

Munro, Alice,

In other rooms, other wonders

Mueenuddin, Daniyal,

B Jenkins

Moten, Fred.

Space, place and gender

Massey, Doreen, (1994)

Her body & other parties

Machado, Carmen Maria,


Laing, Olivia. (2019)

The odyssey


The Iliad


The Iliad


The Odyssey


The faerie queen : a reader's guide

Heale, Elizabeth, (1999)

Walking London Wall

Harris, Ed, (2009)

History of madness

Foucault, Michel, (2006)

Go, went, gone

Erpenbeck, Jenny,

The art of writing fiction

Cowan, Andrew.(2011)

Against democracy

Brennan, Jason,

Gender : a graphic guide

Barker, Meg-John,


Alabanza, Travis,

Time series econometrics

Perron, Pierre,

Italian Renaissance tales

Mortimer, Anthony Robert,

Phased array antennas

Hansen, Robert C.(1998)

Global Russian cultures

Platt, Kevin M. F.,

What do unions do? : a twenty-year perspective

Bennett, James T.; Kaufman, Bruce E.; -(2007)

The totalitarian temptation

Revel, Jean Franc̄ois.(1978)

Trilogy east end of London

Morrison, Arthur, 1863-1945

Cosmopolitan animals

Nagai, Kaori,

Charles Ricketts : a biography

Delaney, Paul.(1990)

Introduction générale au droit

Fabre-Magnan, Muriel,


Purves, Dale,

Femme in public

Vaid-Menon, Alok,

Los surcos del azar

Roca, Paco.(2019)

Chronicles of consensual times

Rancière, Jacques.(2010)

The portable Edgar Allan Poe

Poe, Edgar Allan, (2006)

Literature and the world

Helgesson, Stefan,

Life times : stories, 1952-2007

Gordimer, Nadine.(2011)

The neoliberal crisis

Davison, Sally,

New daughters of Africa

Busby, Margaret,

The service porch

Moten, Fred,


Yuval-Davis, Nira,


Wharton, Edith,

The Age of Innocence

Wharton, Edith,


Nelson, Maggie,

Paradise lost

Milton, John, (2003)

The lesser bohemians

McBride, Eimear,

Small world

Lodge, David, (2011)

Edith Wharton

Lee, Hermione.(2008)

What belongs to you

Greenwell, Garth,

Blue nights

Didion, Joan.(2012)


Dalrymple, Mary.(2012)

A map of misreading

Bloom, Harold.(2003)

The digitally agile researcher

Kucirkova, Natalia,

Doing a systematic review : a student's guide

Boland, Angela.; Cherry, M. G. (2017)

Animating film theory

Beckman, Karen Redrobe,

The promise of happiness

Ahmed, Sara, (2010)

Britishness abroad : transnational movements and imperial cultures

Darian-Smith, Kate.; Grimshaw, Patricia, (2007)

J & K invisible faultlines

Jain, Sandhya(2019)

The Ravickians

Gladman, Renee.(2011)

Writing degree zero

Barthes, Roland.(2012)

Pakistan : nationalism without a nation?

Jaffrelot, Christophe.; -(2002)

Decadence and literature

Desmarais, Jane,

The sixties

Diski, Jenny.(2010)

Lexicon of Tanjas Ostojić

Ostojić, Tanja,

The ideology of work

Anthony, Peter, (1977)

The loss : a novella and two short stories

Makanin, Vladimir Semenovich.(1998)

The collected essays of Christopher Hill

Hill, Christopher, (1986)

Rethinking therapeutic culture

Aubry, Timothy Richard,

Literature and evil

Bataille, Georges, (2012)

New millennium solar physics

Aschwanden, Markus J.

The atlas of Boston history

Seasholes, Nancy S.,

The unofficial guide to passing OSCEs

Qureshi, Zeshan.; -(2012)

GPST stage 2 : clinical problem solving

Patel, Nishali.; -(2011)

EMQs and MCQs for surgical finals

Kwak, Hye-Chung.; -(2011)

Ace the OSCE

Crook, Tim, (2008)

GP ST : stage 2 : practice questions

Coughlin, Sean.; -(2009)

The Merck manual of medical information

Beers, Mark H.; Fletcher, Andrew J.; -(2004)

Notre-Dame de Paris

Hugo, Victor, (2015)

Daoism and ecology : ways within a cosmic landscape

Girardot, N. J.; Miller, James, (2001)

Geometry and physics

Jost, Jürgen, (2009)

Politics in Russia : a reader

Ostrow, Joel M.; -(2013)

Human rights futures

Hopgood, Stephen,

Routledge handbook of Russian politics and society

Gill, Graeme J.; Young, James, (2012)

The death of truth

Kakutani, Michiko,

Handbook of studies on men & masculinities

Kimmel, Michael S.; Hearn, Jeff, (2005)

O essencial sobre José Saramago

Seixo, Maria Alzira.

Medieval Europe : a short sourcebook

Hollister, C. Warren (2002)

Dictionnaire de la culture juridique

Alland, Denis.; Rials, Stéphane.; -(2003)

Understanding probability

Tijms, H. C.(2012)


Mbembe, Achille,

Young people, place and identity

Hopkins, Peter (2010)

Handbook on gender and war

Sharoni, Simona,

The swan book

Wright, Alexis,

A woman appeared to me

Vivien, Renée, (1976)

Daoism : a short introduction

Miller, James, (2003)

Ornaments in Jade

Machen, Arthur, (2018)


Machen, Arthur.(2018)

Alienation and freedom

Fanon, Frantz,


Black, Robert, (2013)

The arguments against G8

Hubbard, Gill.; Miller, David, (2005)

Introduction au droit public

Zoller, Élisabeth,


Thompson, Selina,

Countersexual manifesto

Preciado, Paul B.,

Theaters of pardoning

Meyler, Bernadette,

Fluxus experience

Higgins, Hannah, (2002)

Performing image

Harbison, Isobel,

Film art phenomena

Hamlyn, Nicky.(2003)

Le droit public

Truchet, Didier

International business

Peng, Mike W.,

Droit public

Dubouis, Louis.

La Commune de 1871

Rougerie, Jacques

Gauge fields, knots, and gravity

Baez, John C., (1994)


May, Todd, (2009)

WTO : institutions and dispute settlement

Wolfrum, Rüdiger.; Stoll, Peter-Tobias.; Kaiser, Karen.; -(2006)

WTO - trade in services

Wolfrum, Rüdiger.; Stoll, Peter-Tobias.; Feinäugle, Clemens.; -(2008)

Forensic taphonomy : the postmortem fate of human remains

Haglund, William D.; Sorg, Marcella H.; -(1997)

Pity transformed

Konstan, David.(2001)

The museum experience revisited

Falk, John H. (2013)

The new American democracy

Fiorina, Morris P.; -(2011)

Human anatomy & physiology

Marieb, Elaine Nicpon,

Born to slow horses

Brathwaite, Kamau, (2005)

Ars reminiscendi : mind and memory in Renaissance culture

Beecher, Donald.; Williams, Grant, (2009)

WTO - trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights

Stoll, Peter-Tobias.; Busche, Jan, (2009)

Urban elections in democratic Latin America

Dietz, Henry A.; Shidlo, Gil, (1998)

Oxford handbook of palliative care

Watson, Max S.; Campbell, Rachel.; Vallath, Nandini.; -

ABC of dermatology

Morris-Jones, Rachael,


Lamb, Peter,

Corporate financial reporting

Hussey, Roger,(2017)

Words, thoughts, and theories

Gopnik, Alison.(1998)

Stone butch blues

Feinberg, Leslie,

Sikh genocide 1984

Choudry, Anup Singh,


Butler, Halle,

The Rigoberta Menchú controversy

Arias, Arturo, (2001)

Moscow vanguard art : 1922-1992

Tupitsyn, Margarita,

The little edges

Moten, Fred,

Kulturgeschichte der DDR

Dietrich, Gerd,

Mathematics for economics

Hoy, Michael, (2011)

Digital film-making

Figgis, Mike

Girl, woman, other

Evaristo, Bernardine,

Ordinary people

Evans, Diana,

The cinematic

Campany, David.; -(2007)

On leaving : a reading in Emerson

Arsić, Branka.(2010)

Where Europe begins

Tawada, Yōko, (2002)

The rationalizing voter

Lodge, Milton, (2013)

If the South had won the Civil War

Kantor, MacKinlay, (2001)

Criminal procedure and sentencing

Hungerford-Welch, Peter,


Clifford, Jo,

The sound studies reader

Sterne, Jonathan, (2012)

If the allies had fallen : sixty alternate scenarios of World War II

Showalter, Dennis E.; Deutsch, Harold C. (2010)

Hinge epistemology

Coliva, Annalisa,

Early modern English marginalia

Acheson, Katherine O.,

Male trouble : a crisis in representation

Solomon-Godeau, Abigail.(1997)

Future cinema : the cinematic imaginary after film

Shaw, Jeffrey.; Weibel, Peter.; -(2003)

Islam and politics in Southeast Asia

Saravanamuttu, J. (2010)

Letters to a young artist

Smith, Anna Deavere.(2006)

The World Trade Organization : legal, economic and political analysis

Macrory, Patrick F. J.; Appleton, Arthur Edmond.; Plummer, Michael G., (2005)

Conceptualizing child-adult relations

Alanen, Leena.; Mayall, Berry.; -(2001)

The manga guide to statistics

Takahashi, Shin.(2009)

Islamic historiography

Robinson, Chase F.(2003)

An introduction to orthodontics

Littlewood, Simon J.,

Nelson textbook of pediatrics

Kliegman, Robert,

The inner room

Aickman, Robert,

Art and the moving image : a critical reader

Leighton, Tanya.; Esche, Charles.; Lewis, Mark.; -(2008)

Clinical tuberculosis

Davies, P. D. O.; Gordon, Stephen B.; Davies, Geraint R. (2014)

Optical rheometry of complex fluids

Fuller, Gerald G.(1995)

Respiratory Medicine

Lawrence, Hannah.(2019)

Contemporary Latin America

Munck, Ronaldo.(2012)

Ghadar movement : a short history

Puri, Harish K.(2011)

Deep work

Newport, Cal

Medical microbiology

Ford, Michael,

The seventh day

Yu, Hua, (2015)

Principal functions

Rodin, Burton.

Plants useful to man

Robbins, Wilfred William,

The whale rider

Ihimaera, Witi, (2005)

Exit west

Hamid, Mohsin,

Handbook of autobiography / autofiction

Wagner-Egelhaaf, Martina,

The Japanese colonial empire, 1895-1945

Myers, Ramon Hawley, (1984)

The unity of imagining

Dorsch, Fabian.(2012)

Lenin's kisses

Yan, Lianke,

Super sad true love story

Shteyngart, Gary,

Little failure : a memoir

Shteyngart, Gary,

Stolen life

Moten, Fred,

The left case against the EU

Lapavitsas, Costas,

The fear index

Harris, Robert,


DeLillo, Don.(2011)


Butler, Season,

The crucible of Islam

Bowersock, G. W.

Magic(al) realism

Bowers, Maggie Ann.(2004)

The European Union : a citizen's guide

Bickerton, Christopher J.,

Hindu Nationalism: a reader

Jaffrelot, Christophe.; -(2007)

In the wake : on Blackness and being

Sharpe, Christina Elizabeth,

Medical negligence

Jones, M. A.

Literature and law

Fortier, Mark,

From fascism to populism in history

Finchelstein, Federico,

The origin of concepts

Carey, Susan.(2011)

Gender and material culture in historical perspective

Donald, Moira.; Hurcombe, L. M. (2000)

Lovers' rock

Goto, John,

Clear light of day

Desai, Anita,

Harry S. Truman

Dallek, Robert.(2008)

Africa and World War II

Byfield, Judith A.

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