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Butler, Season,

Shakespearean tragedy and gender

Garner, Shirley Nelson, (1996)

Anecdotal theory

Gallop, Jane, (2002)

Faust, a tragedy, part I

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von,


Ramus, Petrus, (1969)

Beyond love

Ḥusayn, Hadīyah(2012)

Red dog

Anker, Willem,

The Snow Sleeper

Van Niekerk, Marlene.(2019)

Language wars and linguistic politics

Calvet, Louis Jean, (1998)

The Palgrave handbook of early modern literature and science

Marchitello, Howard; Tribble, Evelyn B.,

Screening youth : contemporary French and Francophone cinema

Chareyron, Romain; Viennot, Gilles; -(2019)

The sound of musicals

Cohan, Steven,

Claude Chabrol's aesthetics of opacity

Dousteyssier-Khoze, Catherine(2019)

There's no place like home video

Moran, James M., (2002)

Allegories of the Anthropocene

DeLoughrey, Elizabeth M.,

The toughest Indian in the world

Alexie, Sherman, (2000)


VanderMeer, Jeff


Lotman, I͡U. M.


Hernández Rodríguez, Rafael,

Tragedy, the Greeks and us

Critchley, Simon,

Arthur Symons : poet, critic, vagabond

Bizzotto, Elisa; Evangelista, Stefano-Maria,

Theatre & laughter

Weitz, Eric

Theatre & the rural

Robinson, Jo,

Theatre & law

Read, Alan,

Theatre & empire

Poore, Benjamin,

Theatre & animals

Orozco García, Lourdes

Theatre & dance

Elswit, Kate.,

Selected letters of William Michael Rossetti

Rossetti, William Michael, (1990)

No space for further burials : a novel

Gauhar, Feryal Ali.(2007)

William Blake in context

Haggarty, Sarah; -

The franchise era : managing media in the digital economy

Fleury, James.; Hartzheim, Bryan Hikari.; Mamber, Stephen.; -(2019)

A writer's diary

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, (2009)

Give me your love

Haynes, Jon,

Critical essays on Joseph Heller

Nagel, James.; -(1984)

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