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Edward Burne-Jones

Smith, Alison,

Oh boy! : masculinities and popular music

Jarman-Ivens, Freya; -(2007)

Premi Balzan


Posthuman glossary

Braidotti, Rosi,

The art of war

Barnstone, Deborah Ascher; McCloskey, Barbara,

Joseph Beuys

Mesch, Claudia,

Modern futures

Neate, Hannah; Craggs, Ruth; -

International dictionary of university histories

Summerfield, Carol.; Devine, Mary Elizabeth.; Levi, A. H. T. (1998)

Entrevistas = interviews

Sierra, Santiago, (2016)

Reworlding art history

Antoinette, Michelle.(2015)

Anri Sala

Gillick, Liam.; Godfrey, Mark.; Obrist, Hans Ulrich.; Sala, Anri.; -(2006)

Rethinking religion in India : the colonial construction of Hinduism

Bloch, Esther.; Keppens, Marianne.; Hegde, Rajaram.; -(2012)

The history of surrealism

Nadeau, Maurice.

Korean contemporary art

Kim, Miki Wick.(2012)

Transgressions : the offences of art

Julius, Anthony, (2002)

Christian Marclay : things I've heard

Himes, Darius.; Chichy, Claire.; -(2013)

Yayoi Kusama

Kusama, Yayoi.

Intra Venus

Wilke, Hannah(1995)

Olafur Eliasson

Grynsztejn, Madeleine(2002)

Through the looking glass : Korean contemporary art

Lee, Ji-Yoon; Yun, Nanjie; -(2006)

Gillian Wearing

Wearing, Gillian, (1999)

Roman Signer

Signer, Roman, (2006)

Kerry James Marshall

Marshall, Kerry James,

Jannis Kounellis

Kounellis, Jannis,

Life II [in Progress]

Jansa, Janez(2014)

Sharon Hayes

Hayes, Sharon, (2018)

Mona Hatoum

Hatoum, Mona,

Hans Haacke

Haacke, Hans, (2004)

Theaster Gates

Gates, Theaster,

Jimmie Durham

Durham, Jimmie.

Marcus Coates

Coates, Marcus, (2016)

Mark Bradford

Bradford, Mark,

Ai Weiwei

Smith, Karen (2009)

Ai Weiwei

Marlow, Tim,

Christian Marclay

Marclay, Christian.(2005)

Anthropology of education

Wulf, Christoph,

The beneficiary

Robbins, Bruce,

Empathy : a history

Lanzoni, Susan Marie

Distributed cognition in classical antiquity

Anderson, Miranda.; Cairns, Douglas.; Sprevak, Mark.; -(2018)

Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographe

Cartier-Bresson, Henri

Paris and the surrealists

Melly, George, (1991)

Surrealism : permanent revelation

Cardinal, Roger.(1970)

Women in Impressionism : from mythical feminine to modern woman

Søndergaard, Sidsel Maria.; Strauber, Susan Elizabeth, (2006)

The cradle of thought

Hobson, Peter(2004)

Performa 11 : staging ideas

Goldberg, RoseLee.(2013)

Crimes of the art world

Bazley, Tom.(2010)

Performance in contemporary art

Wood, Catherine.(2018)

Helter skelter : L.A. art in the 1990s

Schimmel, Paul.; Gudis, Catherine.; Klein, Norman M., (1992)

The Oxford companion to emotion and the affective sciences

Sander, David.; Scherer, Klaus R.; -(2014)

Enduring time

Baraitser, Lisa,


Daston, Lorraine Jenifer, (2010)

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