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The birth of theory

Cole, Andrew,

Panorama of the Enlightenment

Outram, Dorinda.(2006)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2014)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2006)

Robert Doisneau, 1912-1994

Gautrand, Jean-Claude.(2012)

The photobook : a history

Parr, Martin, (2004)

History of the Surrealist movement

Durozoi, Gérard.(2002)

Women and the victorian occult

Kontou, Tatiana.; -(2015)

The Live Art almanac

Keidan, Lois.; -(2011)

A social history of knowledge

Burke, Peter, (2012)

Augustine of Hippo : a biography

Brown, Peter, (2000)

God in the Enlightenment

Bulman, William J.,

The Live Art Almanac

Brine, Daniel.; -(2008)

Chandigarh is in India

Jhaveri, Shanay,

Alevism as an ethno-religious identity : contested boundaries

Jenkins, Celia; Aydın, Suavi; Cetin, Umit; -

Managing stress

Joseph, Kate

The city of God


Picturing Iran : art, society and revolution

Gumpert, Lynn.; Balaghi, Shiva.; -(2002)

Action in perception

Noë, Alva(2004)

Être singulier pluriel

Nancy, Jean-Luc,

English puritanism 1603-1689

Spurr, John.(1998)

Live art almanac : volume 4

Curtis, Harriet.; Keidan, Lois.; Wright, Aaron.; -(2016)

The affect theory reader

Gregg, Melissa, (2010)

Making literature now

Hungerford, Amy,

The Oxford handbook of algorithmic music

Dean, R. T.; McLean, Alex,

How to write a thesis

Murray, Rowena,

Nancy and visual culture

Giunta, Carrie,

The architecture of failure

Murphy, Douglas.(2012)

Lee Lozano : not working

Applin, Jo.(2018)

Foucault's last decade

Elden, Stuart,

Foucault on painting

Soussloff, Catherine M.,


Salvato, Nick,

The Sinthome

Lacan, Jacques,

Richard Long : a line made by walking

Roelstraete, Dieter.(2010)

D.I.Y. too

Daniels, Robert Jude,


Daniels, Robert Jude,

General idea : Imagevirus

Bordowitz, Gregg.(2010)

La leçon d'Althusser

Rancière, Jacques.(2011)

Eloge de l'amour

Badiou, Alain.(2016)

L'etre et l'evenement

Badiou, Alain.(1988)

Accumulated vision : Barry Le Va

Le Va, Barry, (2005)

I-D : i-D covers 1980-2010

Jones, Terry, (2010)

An invitation to cognitive science

Osherson, Daniel N.; Gleitman, Lila R.; Liberman, Mark.; -(1995)


Stein, Gertrude, (1984)

Mephistopheles : the Devil in the modern world

Russell, Jeffrey Burton.(1986)


Luther, Martin. (1987)

Malaise dans l'esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2004)

L'inconscient esthétique

Rancière, Jacques.(2001)

Fonctions de la peinture

Léger, Fernand, (1996)

Retour à Reims

Eribon, Didier,

Animism in art and performance

Braddock, Christopher,

Magic and medieval society

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne,

Survival of the sickest : the art of Martin O'Brien

O'Brien, Martin.; MacDiarmid, David.; -


Roitman, Janet L.

Mapping Benjamin : the work of art in the digital age

Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich.; Marrinan, Michael.; -(2003)

Sincerity and authenticity

Trilling, Lionel,

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