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Jannis Kounellis

Kounellis, Jannis, (2003)

Camera atomica

O'Brian, John,

Light in Darkness The Mystical Philosophy of Jacob Böhme

Brink, Claudia; Martin, Lucinda; Muratori, Cecilia; -

Manifestaciones religiosas en el mundo colonial americano

García Ayluardo, Clara.; Ramos Medina, Manuel.; -(1997)

Modern art

Elger, Dietmar,

The truth of Žižek

Bowman, Paul, (2007)

Making museums matter

Weil, Stephen E.(2002)

Photography and other media in the nineteenth century

Leonardi, Nicoletta; Natale, Simone; -(2019)

The history of British art

Bindman, David, (2008)

Daido Moriyama : Shinjuku 19XX-20XX

Moriyama, Daidō, (2006)


Moore, Brian C. J.; -(1995)

The Enlightenment : a genealogy

Edelstein, Dan(2010)

The world through my eyes

Moriyama, Daidō, (2010)

Monet & architecture

Thomson, Richard,

The magic of thinking big

Schwartz, David Joseph,

Picasso & modern British art

Picasso, Pablo, (2012)

London in paint

Cheshire, Lee

Art & visual culture : a reader

Lymberopoulou, Angeliki; Bracewell-Homer, Pamela; Robinson, Joel David, (2012)

What is an image?

Elkins, James,

Impressionists in London : French artists in exile 1870-1904

Corbeau-Parsons, Caroline; Tillier, Bertrand,

Teaching and researching reading

Grabe, William.(2011)

Women, art and the New Deal

Adams, Katherine H.,

Art of the 20th century

Ruhrberg, Karl.; Schneckenburger, Manfred.; Fricke, Christiane.; Honnef, Klaus.; Walther, Ingo F.; -(2012)

How to look at art

Hodge, Susie,

The study skills handbook

Cottrell, Stella,

New directions in the philosophy of memory

Michaelian, Kourken [VNV]; Debus Dorothea

Deschooling : a reader

Lister, Ian; -

The great collectors

Cabanne, Pierre.

African-American art

Patton, Sharon F.(1998)

On repeat : how music plays the mind

Margulis, Elizabeth Hellmuth.

Modern art

Dempsey, Amy,

British art since 1900

Spalding, Frances, (1986)

The art museum from Boullée to Bilbao

McClellan, Andrew.(2008)

Museums and their communities

Watson, Sheila E. R.; -(2007)

Language in space

Wegmann, Monika.

Dada and surrealism

Ades, Dawn.(1974)

The 48 laws of power

Greene, Robert.

Developmental science

Cairns, Robert B., (1996)

Jacob Epstein

Cork, Richard.(1999)

Alice in Wonderland : through the visual arts

Delahunty, Gavin; Schulz, Christoph Benjamin; Clayton, Eleanor; -(2011)

L'oeuvre d'art et ses intentions

Pignocchi, Alessandro

Simply psychology

Eysenck, Michael W.,

Peer mediation

Cremin, Hilary.(2007)

Pragmatism and justice

Dieleman, Susan,

49 days

Zhang, Huan, (2011)

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