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Representations of German identity

Barnstone, Deborah Ascher,

Beijing time

Dutton, Michael Robert.(2008)

The Falklands conflict twenty years on : lessons for the future

Badsey, Stephen.; Havers, R. P. W. (2005)

Twelve years a slave

Northup, Solomon,

Writing early modern history

Walker, Garthine; -(2005)

Mcalpine's men

Cowley, Ultan.(2010)


Goscilo, Helena, (1996)

The history of liberalism in Russia

Leontovitsch, Victor, (2012)

The Irish in post-war britain

Delaney, Enda, (2013)

20 years of can Asians think?

Mahbubani, Kishore,

Globalization or empire?

Nederveen Pieterse, Jan.(2004)

Thinking about history

Maza, Sarah C.,

La coartada perpetua

Fornet, Ambrosio.(2002)

Home fronts : Britain and the Empire at war, 1939-45

Crowley, Mark J; Dawson, Sandra Trudgen; -

Julius Nyerere

Bjerk, Paul,

Medieval archaeology : an encyclopedia

Crabtree, Pam J.; -(2001)

Napoleon the Great

Roberts, Andrew,

Rethinking British decline

English, Richard, (2000)

Palestine : peace not apartheid

Carter, Jimmy, (2006)

A history of Bangladesh

Schendel, Willem van(2009)

Matériel culture : the archaeology of twentieth-century conflict

Beck, Colleen M.; Johnson, William Gray, (2012)

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

A history of the Crusades

Runciman, Steven,

The construction of heritage

Brett, David, (1996)

Heritage interpretation

Blockley, Marion R.; -(2006)

Europe, 1880-1945

Roberts, J. M. (2001)

The worlds of medieval Europe

Backman, Clifford R.

Byzantium and the Crusades

Harris, Jonathan.

The Logge register of Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills 1479-1486

Boatwright, Lesley.; Habberjam, Moira.; Hammond, Peter.; -(2008)

The Sandino affair

Macaulay, Neill.(1985)

What were the crusades?

Riley-Smith, Jonathan Simon Christopher, (2009)

The Crusades : a history

Riley-Smith, Jonathan, (2014)

The good immigrant

Shukla, Nikesh.; -(2016)


Kissinger, Henry, (1995)

Cuba : picturing change

Ledbetter, E. Wright (2002)

Bridging enigma : Cubans on Cuba

Fornet, Ambrosio.; -(1997)

Gibbon : making history

Porter, Roy, (1988)

The future of history

Lukacs, John, (2011)

Shadow pasts : history's mysteries

Rubinstein, W. D.(2008)

Pakistan : a hard country

Lieven, Anatol.(2012)

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