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Woodrow Wilson : a biography

Cooper, John Milton.(2011)

Passport photos

Kumar, Amitava, (2000)

Subaltern studies

Guha, Ranajit.; -(1993)

Honor and loyalty : inside the politics of the George H.W. Bush White House

Feldman, Leslie Dale.; Perotti, Rosanna.; -(2002)

The Caribbean in the twentieth century

Brereton, Bridget, (2004)

Woodrow Wilson

Brands, H. W.(2003)

Other Asias

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty.(2007)

The collected essays of Christopher Hill

Hill, Christopher.(1986)

14-18 : understanding the Great War

Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane.(2002)

The Napoleonic empire

Ellis, Geoffrey James(2003)

Ben Tillman & the reconstruction of white supremacy

Kantrowitz, Stephen David, (2000)

Nazi Germany and the Jews

Friedländer, Saul(1998)

The Spanish Civil War

Thomas, Hugh, (2003)

The politics of extremism in South Asia

Ollapally, Deepa Mary.(2008)

Colonising Egypt

Mitchell, Timothy,

Reassessing 1970s Britain

Black, Lawrence, (2016)


Ferguson, Niall,

Richard Nixon : the life

Farrell, John A.

Once upon a secret

Alford, Mimi.

History as an art of memory

Hutton, Patrick H.(1993)

The Global South and literature

West-Pavlov, Russell,

Chamberlain and the lost peace

Charmley, John, (2009)

Nights out : life in cosmopolitan London

Walkowitz, Judith R.(2012)

The unwomanly face of war

Aleksievich, Svetlana,

Changing Britannia : life experience with Britain

Harris, Roxy.; White, Sarah, (1999)

Building Britannia : life experience with Britain

Harris, Roxy.; White, Sarah, (2009)

The crusader world

Boas, Adrian J.,

Rampal and his family

Sharma, Ursula, (1971)

Richard I : the crusader king

Asbridge, Thomas S.,

Social outsiders in Nazi Germany

Gellately, Robert, (2001)

Cuba 1959

Glinn, Burt,

L'Europe, quelles frontières

Brague, Rémi, (2007)

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