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The new disability history : American perspectives

Longmore, Paul K.; Umansky, Lauri, (2001)

Russian legal realism

Brożek, Bartosz [VNV]; -

Constitutionalizing the European Union

Christiansen, Thomas, (2009)

Homosexualidad y teatro en España

Castro Jiménez, Antonio,

Maccarthy on cross-examination

MacCarthy, Terence(2007)

Celsius 7/7

Gove, Michael(2007)

The Oxford companion to politics in India

Jayal, Niraja Gopal.; Mehta, Pratap Bhanu, (2011)

Violence and emotions in early modern Europe

Broomhall, Susan.; Finn, Sarah,

Violence in Europe : historical and contemporary perspectives

Body-Gendrot, Sophie.; Spierenburg, Petrus Cornelis.; -(2009)


Francis, Peter, (2004)

Politics Latin America

O'Toole, Gavin,

Cases in leadership

Rowe, W. Glenn,

American capitalism : new histories

Beckert, Sven; Desan, Christine; -

The trial on trial

Duff, Antony.; Farmer, Lindsay.; Marshall, Sandra.; Tadros, Victor.; -(2006)

Mental Capacity Act manual

Jones, Richard M.

Shoe dog

Knight, Philip H.,

Management & business research

Easterby-Smith, Mark,

The birth of nomos

Zartaloudis, Thanos.(2018)

Business information systems

Beynon-Davies, Paul.(2013)

The Coutumes de Beauvaisis of Philippe de Beaumanoir

Beaumanoir, Philippe de Remi, (1992)

Corporate social responsibility : strategy, communication, governance

Rasche, Andreas; Morsing, Mette; Moon, Jeremy,

Comparative law

Siems, Mathias M.,

Machine learning for ecology and sustainable natural resource management

Humphries, Grant R. W; Magness, Dawn Robin; Huettmann, Falk,

Strange affinities : the gender and sexual politics of comparative racialization

Hong, Grace Kyungwon.; Ferguson, Roderick A.; -(2011)

Left legalism/left critique

Brown, Wendy, (2002)

Corporate rescue

Parry, Rebecca.(2008)

Europe and extraterritorial asylum

Heijer, Maarten den.(2012)

Thomas on powers

Thomas, Geraint W.(2012)

How institutions think

Douglas, Mary, (2011)

International business

Shenkar, Oded,

Forensic linguistics

Olsson, John,

Marx's Capital

Fine, Ben,

Creolizing Europe : legacies and transformations

Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Encarnación; Tate, Shirley Anne; -

Law and time

Grabham, Emily,

Understanding poverty

Banerjee, Abhijit V.; Benabou, Roland; Mookherjee, Dilip.; -(2006)

Thinking through the skin

Ahmed, Sara.; Stacey, Jackie.; -(2001)

Environment, forced migration and social vulnerability

Afifi, Tamer; Jäger, Jill.; -(2010)

Queer stories of Europe

Vērdin̦š, Kārlis,


Mauss, Marcel, (1974)

Tiny stations

Wills, Dixe,

The journals of Captain Cook

Cook, James, (1999)


Cameron, Deborah,

Asylum law and practice

Symes, Mark.(2010)

Citizenship and immigration

Joppke, Christian(2010)

European tax law

Terra, B. J. M.


Wajcman, Judy.(2004)

Commercial law

Baskind, Eric

Handbook of historical sociology

Delanty, Gerard.; Isin, Engin F. (2003)

Ecrits politiques

Mauss, Marcel, (1997)

Strangers at our door

Bauman, Zygmunt,

The rise of neoliberal feminism

Rottenberg, Catherine,

International economics

Gerber, James.

Research handbook on political economy and law

Mattei, Ugo; Haskell, John D.; -

Taxation of derivatives

Weidmann, Oktavia,

Feminist, queer, crip

Kafer, Alison.

Mental Health Act Manual

Jones, Richard(2018)

The value of comparison

Veer, Peter van der,

Doing qualitative research

Silverman, David,

Heritage and globalisation

Labadi, Sophia.; Long, Colin, (2010)

An introduction to international relations

Devetak, Richard.; George, Jim.; Percy, Sarah.; -

The Routledge history of slavery

Burnard, Trevor G. (2012)

Talking to women

Dunn, Nell,

The corn wolf

Taussig, Michael T.,

Glamour : a history

Gundle, Stephen, (2008)

Think tanks & civil societies : catalysts for ideas and action

McGann, James G.; Weaver, R. Kent, (2000)

Comparative tax law

Thuronyi, Victor,

The idea of arbitration

Paulsson, Jan,

Social issues and party politics

Jones, Helen, (1998)

The other

Kapuściński, Ryszard.(2008)

Territory beyond terra

Peters, Kimberley A; Steinberg, Philip E; Stratford, Elaine; -

Python for finance

Hilpisch, Yves J.

Routledge handbook of air power

Olsen, John Andreas,

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