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The rise of neoliberal feminism

Rottenberg, Catherine,

International economics

Gerber, James.

Research handbook on political economy and law

Mattei, Ugo; Haskell, John D.; -

Taxation of derivatives

Weidmann, Oktavia,

Feminist, queer, crip

Kafer, Alison.

Mental Health Act Manual

Jones, Richard(2018)

The value of comparison

Veer, Peter van der,

Doing qualitative research

Silverman, David,

Heritage and globalisation

Labadi, Sophia.; Long, Colin, (2010)

An introduction to international relations

Devetak, Richard.; George, Jim.; Percy, Sarah.; -

The Routledge history of slavery

Burnard, Trevor G. (2012)

Talking to women

Dunn, Nell,

The corn wolf

Taussig, Michael T.,

Glamour : a history

Gundle, Stephen, (2008)

Think tanks & civil societies : catalysts for ideas and action

McGann, James G.; Weaver, R. Kent, (2000)

Comparative tax law

Thuronyi, Victor,

The idea of arbitration

Paulsson, Jan,

For a left populism

Mouffe, Chantal,

Social issues and party politics

Jones, Helen, (1998)

The other

Kapuściński, Ryszard.(2008)

Territory beyond terra

Peters, Kimberley A; Steinberg, Philip E; Stratford, Elaine; -

Python for finance

Hilpisch, Yves J.

Routledge handbook of air power

Olsen, John Andreas,

The art of the advocate

Du Cann, Richard(1993)

Migrant city

Back, Les,

Loss models : from data to decisions

Klugman, Stuart A., (2012)

Bullshit jobs : a theory

Graeber, David,


Linhart, Robert(1978)

A primer on the economics of poverty

Hamilton, David Boyce,


Callinicos, Alex.(1990)

After Seattle : globalisation and its discontents

Crick, Bernard R.; Gunnell, Barbara; Timms, David.; -(2000)

City visions

Bell, David, (2000)

A history of private life

Duby, Georges.; Ariès, Philippe.; Veyne, Paul, (1991)

The Oresteia


The SAGE handbook of workplace learning

Malloch, Margaret.; -(1320)


Grand Corps Malade,

Careers 2018


Redefining organized crime : a challenge for the European Union

Carnevale, Stefania; Forlati, Serena; Giolo, Orsetta; -

Fables of the law : fairy tales in a legal context

Carpi, Daniela; Leiboff, Marett; -

The rise of the uncorporation

Ribstein, Larry E.(2010)

Berlin's third sex

Hirschfeld, Magnus,

Ideology and welfare

Taylor, Gary, (2007)

Modern challenges to Islamic law

Ali, Shaheen Sardar,

Law and literature

Dolin, Kieran,

La communauté désœuvrée

Nancy, Jean-Luc.(1999)

The nature of economies

Jacobs, Jane, (2000)

Law reform in plural societies

Mulitalo Ropinisone Silipa Seumanutafa, Teleiai Lalotoa,

Dementia and human rights

Cahill, Suzanne(2017)

Constitutional and administrative law

Taylor, Christopher W., (2017)

Organized crime

Lyman, Michael D.

Race after the Internet

Nakamura, Lisa.; Chow-White, Peter.; -(2012)

Civil society in Southeast Asia

Lee, Hock Guan.; -(2004)

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