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Find it! Use it! Reference it! : The S&E Workshops


The Library is offering a series of workshops to taught Science and Engineering students. These hands-on workshops will take place in the Training Room in the Mile End Library on Wednesday afternoons. If you cannot make it this time around, they will be repeated in the Spring term.

The research skills addressed in the workshops will be covered during your embedded sessions with the Library. However, this is your chance to get a deeper understanding and review your previously acquired knowledge.

Each workshop is open to 40 students from the whole of Science and Engineering.

To avoid disappointment, book your place at the bottom of this page.

For more information, email:




Define it!

Are you tired of scrolling through page after page with results when you are doing an online search? Alternatively, have you done searches in the past which have retrieved nothing? Join “Defining your topic” to learn how to focus in on your topic and then how to pick out valuable keywords to enhance your search.

Suitable for any taught students, but especially for students who are ready to start a project or research task. 




Searching Databases: SCOPUS and Web of Science

Are you tired of googling and ending up with lots of results from many unreliable sources? In this hands-on session you will learn how to use an interdisciplinary database to its fullest!

Suitable for all taught students who wants to get smarter searching an interdisciplinary database.



Reference it!

For a successful submission of any academic work, you will need cite all your sources. In this workshop you will learn “the why”, “the how” and “the when”. The workshop will also cover the new resource “Cite them right”.

Suitable for any taught student needing further help with referencing.



Endnote it!

Have you conducted good research but found too many results to handle? There are tools available to you at the University to help you to record and organise your results. Learn how to organise your documents, gather your reference and incorporate them into your Word documents or transform them into a Bibtex-file for use in LaTeX.

Suitable for all taught students, but especially for students who are on the cusp of starting your projects. 



Image it! 

We have all heard that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But is this true? And what do you have think about to use an image ethically in your own work? Join this workshop to learn more on how to interpret, use and cite visual material.

Suitable for any taught students, but especially for students who want to use visual material in their work.



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