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Genetics - Useful websites

A range of high-quality resources for biological sciences are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


The page provides a useful list of websites to different aspects of the Genetics. Please note the list is not extensive and many websites cross over with different modules within the full course outline. Please see below.

  • 123genomics: Offers many links into varied aspects of genetics and genomics.
  • Access Excellence: Giving the ability to look at a patient’s health history and lifestyle and see the interaction with the person’s genome.
  • Diving into the gene pool: Resource created by Exploratorium, a San Francisco based museum. It allows the exploration of the genome through the findings of the Human Genome project.
  • DNA from the beginning: Explore 75 genetic experiments, from classical genetics, to molecules involved in genetics and the organisation and control of genetics through a range of animations, videos, as well as detailed bibliographies.
  • DNA interactive: Provides useful information surrounding the key concepts of genetics as well as teaching guides and activities. Created by the American Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • The DNA Files: Offers a range of audio content centred on genetics. It allows the user to explore the content by keywords.
  • Gentetics: A comprehensive overview of genetics and its related fields. In addition, information on epigenetics and gene variation is presented through interactive videos and a variety of case studies.
  • Genomes News Network: A cohesive overview of the key principles of genetics; and answers fundamental genomic questions.
  • Human Genome Resources: Gives access to a multitude of resources based around assemblies, annotations, and clinical variants. For e.g. ClinVar, RefSeqGene, MedGen, Geo DataSets etc.
  • KU Medical Centre: Useful in understanding the research surrounding genetics and the related fields and gives an overview of the external work surrounding the vast topic of genetics.
  • MendelWeb: Enables you to explore information on Medellin genetics, and allow readers to download material from the website.
  • National Human Genome Research Institute: Explore current topics in the genomic fields and access key genomic content via handouts and detailed videos.
  • Public Health Genomics: A range of information on genetic conditions, the implicated genes and prognosis and diagnosis of genetic conditions.
  • Virtual Genetics Education Centre: Useful descriptions of several core genetic topics such as patterns of genetic inheritance, population genetics and recombinant DNA. It also provides tutorials, lectures and detailed and labelled images for laboratory work.
  • Your Genome: Introduction to the human genome through videos, labelled diagrams and comprehensive glossaries and holds information on significant projects like the Human Genome Project and the methodology behind key laboratory processes.


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