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Pharmacology - Useful websites

A range of high-quality resources for biological sciences are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


The page provides a useful list of websites to different aspects of the Pharmacology. Please note that the list is not extensive, and it is also a work in progress, which means it will be updated on a regular basis. 

Drug/medicine information

  • DrugBank: Large database of medicines and medicine targets. It is possible to download the database for educational use after a free registration.
  • Publically available information about various medicines. Does also contain a section on British medicines.
  • Medicines A-Z: Publically available directory of common medicines from the NHS.
  • Medicines Information – SPC & PILS: A collection of patient information leaflet (PIL), which are based on the Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) arranged by active substances.
  • RxList: Provides a wealth of drug/medicine information.

Drug interactions

  • BindingDB: Gives access to a wealth of information about measured binding affinities.
  • IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology: Focuses on ligand-activity-target relationships, and aims to provide a one-stop-shop resource for pharmacology.
  • PharmGKB: The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase centres around how various human genetic variations responds to drugs.


  • ToxTutor: Freely available tutorial to learn about toxicology.


Legal requirements


Information about patents please go to the Chemistry Patent Page.

Museums, organisations of interest

  • London Museums of Health & Medicine: Comprehensive guide to many health related museums in London.
  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum: Funded in 1842, the Museum focuses on the history of pharmaceuticals.
  • Wellcome Trust: Charitable trust which grew out of pharmaceutical success, and strives for "the advancement of medical and scientific research to improve mankind's wellbeing". They have many ongoing exhibitions and a very well stocked library.

Professional organisations



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