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Useful websites - Biomedicine

A range of high-quality resources for biological sciences are available on the web. For subject specific resources look at these guides:


The page provides a useful list of websites to different aspects of the biomedical module. Please note the list is not extensive and many websites cross over with different modules within the full course outline. Please see below.

Human Anatomy

  • Get Body Smart: Animated overviews and quizzes to explain the structure and function on a wide range of human body systems.
  • Grays Anatomy: A comprehensive overview on a number of bodily systems; explaining in detail the role of each within the human body.
  • Teach Me Anatomy: Gives detailed insights into the anatomical structures found within the body; explaining in detail the location, structure and function of each organ. Additionally, offering thorough and labelled diagrams, which are useful for anatomy labs/quizzes.

Cell Biology and Cancer

  • Leukaemia Foundation: Provides useful information on a number of blood cancers which is useful knowledge for a number of overlapping modules.
  • Cancer Council: Very useful overview on a number of cancer types, the modes of detection and treatment as well as directing the user to a number of external resources.
  • Cancer Research UK: A broad overview on many cancer related topics, in form of statistical data, external resources and information on the different treatments.
  • UKCTG: The latest and upcoming research in the field of cancer and provides very worthwhile information on a range of topics relevant to your course.

Development and Disease

  • BioInteractive: Search for hundreds of free resources and the interactive elements help you to understand concepts easily and clearly, making learning more beneficial.
  • Microbiology Info: A wealth of information on a range of microbiology topics and gives you an etiological overview on a number of a different diseases.
  • Microbiology online: Descriptions on a number of microbiology titles and also offers engaging content microbiology topics, quizzes and tutorials.


  • KU Medical Centre: Useful in understanding the research surrounding genetics and the related fields and gives an overview into the external work surrounding the vast topic of genetics.
  • The Medical Biomedical Page: Provides reviews on a number of different biochemistry topics which is useful in explaining why genetic conditions arise.
  • Code Breakers - Makers of Modern Genetics: A online research guide to the history of genetics created by the Wellcome Library.


  • Mayo Clinic: Offering an A-Z guide and focused information on a range of health related topics, with expert knowledge from hundreds of experts in the scientific field.
  • Synap: Practise your knowledge about neuroscience through the form of MCQs.

Other Useful Websites

  • BioMed Central: High quality information on a range of topics, allowing you explore Journals by subject (Biomedicine, Chemistry, Dentistry).
  • Histology Slides Databases: Very useful information on different anatomical slides and complimentary histological slides that are very useful for lab work.
  • Lab Tests Online: A comprehensive guide on a number of pathological tests and provides thorough list on a range of blood disorders and related diseases.
  • Medscape: A very detailed overview on a number of different topics and lets you browse by speciality; covering a number of topics within medicine, surgery and paediatrics.
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