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If you'd like to develop your research skills the pages below provide a variety of resources to help you.


Searching the web is not always straightforward as there is no indication of the quality of the information you find. This page will give you some advice about evaluating the results of a web search.

Searching online databases can be confusing. Click on this link for sources of help with database searching.

Doing a literature review can vary depending upon your purpose but should be methodical and follow a logical strategy. Click on this link for a range of resources that offer guidance on how to perform a review of the dental literature.

Evidence based dentistry is now established as an integral part of day-to-day clinical practice. This page directs you towards some helpful sources of information about this topic.

Critical appraisal is not only an essential step in the evidence based dentistry process but is a skill that should be practiced when reading dental literature in any context. This page contains some very useful sources of guidance to help you to do this.

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