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This page contains a list of resources that will help you to build an understanding of the main concepts and the process of evidence based dentistry.



Evidence-based dentistry: an introduction Allan K. Hackshaw WU20.5 HAC
Evidence-based dentistry for effective practice Jan Clarkson WU100 EVI
How to read a paper Trisha Greenhalgh W20.5 GRE 2010
Evidence-based healthcare: a practical guide for therapists Tracy Bury W20.5 EVI
Information for evidence-based care Ruth Roberts    W20.5 ROB
Evidence-based dentistry: managing information for better practice Derek Richards  WU100 EVI 2008


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Richards, D. & Lawrence, A. 1998. Evidence-based dentistry. Evidence-Based Dentistry, 1, 7.


The Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry page What is EBD? provides a clear, user-friendly introduction to the topic and includes some key references that are useful for exploring the topic.

The American Dental Association evidence based dentistry website is a very complete source of information on the topic and includes an excellent resources page containing a vast array of links.

The University of Chicago have produced a thorough online tutorial on the topic.

To help understand the terms used in EBD the glossary on the CEBM website is well worth a look.

In addition to these you may wish to consult the resources on our evidence based medicine page.

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