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Biomedical Engineering

A range of high-quality resources for Medical Engineering are freely available on the web. Start exploring them here:

  • The Biomaterial Network: Offers "news, data, and every other initiative related to biomaterials science and associated fields".
  • EBME Biomedical: Medical, biomedical and clinical engineering portal. Includes a wealth of educational articles, a discussion forum, and a recruitment section.
  • FDA Medical devices: US Food and Drug Administration's section on medical devices, gives access to US regulations and other useful guides.
  • Morphogenesis and Regenerative Medicine Institute: Integrative biology effort at the University of Virginia targeting the basic principles underlying how cells form, organize, maintain, regenerate, and repair the proper three dimensional structures of tissues and organs.
  • Nanomaterial registry: Searchable registry of nanomaterial resources from various freely avaible sources online.
  • NIST Nanotechnology Portal: Information about current developments and projects within nanotechnology from the US National Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Neurobot: Neuroscience and bioengineering blog.
  • Public Database on Loading of Implants: Provides data on the mechanical loads acting in orthopaedic implants during various activities, displayed in videos and available as data files.
  • Wellcome Trust: Trust which funds and provide information on all aspects leading to human well-being. 

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