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Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering

A range of high-quality resources for Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering are freely available on the web. Start exploring them here:

Crafts Council: The national development agency for crafts in United Kingdom.

Design Council: Organisation, which advises the UK government on design questions. They have an archive of their full-text reports freely available.

Design Handbook - Engineering Drawing and Sketching: Open course ware from MIT about engineering drawing.

Design inSite: Aims to inspire designers, contains about 190 descriptions of products, describing the manufactural process behind them, the material used etc.

Design Method Toolkit: A collections of methods to creatively create team-based design ideas.

The Design Museum: Museum in London focusing on design in all its forms.

Dezeen: Online magazine, which covers the areas of architecture and design.

Fundamentals of Design: Open course ware from MIT about the FUNdaMENTALS principles of design.

How products are made: Explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products. Also includes biographies of a range of inventors.

Museum of Design in Plastics: Museum at the Arts University Bournemouth. They are documenting their collection through text descriptions and photographs, viewable through their website.

Product Design Hub: Community for industrial designers to socialise and share their ideas.

Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng): The national academy for engineers.

VADS: The online resource for visual arts. Over 140.000 images freely available to use in learning, teaching and research in the UK.

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