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This page contains a list of resources that will help you to build an understanding of the main concepts and the process of evidence based medicine.


Evidence-based medicine: how to practice and teach EBM Sharon E. Straus W20.5 SAC 2005
Evidence-based healthcare J.A. Muir Gray W20.5 GRA 2001
How to read a paper Trisha Greenhalgh W20.5 GRE 2010
Evidence-based healthcare: a practical guide for therapists Tracy Bury W20.5 EVI
Information for evidence-based care Ruth Roberts    W20.5 ROB
Evidence-based practice in primary care Chris Silagy W20.5 EVI
Evidence-based medicine in general practice D.P.B McGovern W20.5 MCG


Sackett, DL et al., Evidence-based medicine : what it is and what it isn't. BMJ 1996; 312: 71-2.

White, B., Making evidence-based medicine doable in everyday practice. Family Practice Management 2004; 11:51-58.


The Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (University of Toronto et al.) page What is EBM? provides a clear, user-friendly introduction to the topic and includes a glossary of related terms.

The Oxford University Bandolier group have published What is evidence based medicine? This document is another good introduction to the topic.

The BMJ site Clinical Evidence has an excellent glossary that explains all the terms used in the process of evidence based medicine.

The University of Victoria also has an extensive glossary of EBM terms.

The Medical Library association has gathered together a wide range of EBM resources including further lists of web resources and online tutorials.

Useful online tutorials in evidence based medicine have been produced by the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois and the University of Southern California.


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