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Critical appraisal is an essential step in the evidence based medicine process. The following resources will help you to get to grips with the concepts involved.



Making sense of critical appraisal O. Ajetunmobi W20.5 AJE
The pocket guide to critical appraisal: a handbook for health care professionals Iain K. Crombie W20.5 CRO
Critical appraisal of epidemiological studies and clinical trials Mark J. Elwood W20.5 ELW 2007
The doctor's guide to critical appraisal Narinder Kaur Gosall W20.5 GOS
Information for evidence-based care Ruth Roberts    W20.5 ROB
A-Z of medical statistics: a companion for critical appraisal Filomena Pereira-Maxwell WA950 PER
Medical statistics: a guide to data analysis and critical appraisal Jennifer Peat  WA950 PEA
Critical appraisal for psychiatry Stephen Lawrie WM141 LAW


The Oxford University Bandolier group have produced the document What is Critical Appraisal? This is an excellent, concise guide to the basics of the process.

Carrying out critical appraisal involves using questionnaires to focus on particular aspects of an article. One example of these appraisal tool are the ones produced by CASP, the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme.

The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine (CEBM) website has a range of useful resources including information about study design as well as their own appraisal tools.

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