Using the Library menu

Queen Mary UG and PGT students

All current Queen Mary undergraduates and taught postgraduates are entitled to use the facilities of any Queen Mary Library at any time throughout the year.


Your Queen Mary ID card also acts as your Library Card.

Undergraduate and postgraduate ID cards should be ready to use once you have completed registration. If you have any problems, staff at the Welcome Desk in any Library will be able to assist you.

Please note you will not be allowed to borrow without your College ID/Library Card and are expected to carry it with you at all times while on campus. 


Queen Mary UG students are entitled to borrow up to 12 items from the Libraries. PGT students are allowed to borrow up to 16 items. Borrowing basics gives further information.

IT facilities

To use PCs in the Libraries, you will need a student services account. You should be given a username for this account during registration. If you do not have one, or think you have lost the details, go to the IT Services reception desk in Room W209, Queen's Building, Mile End.


Your ID/Library card also functions as your photocopying card. Further information on how to use it is given on the photocopying page.

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