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Invoiced Items

In order to improve the recovery of library resources throughout the year and to apply a consistent policy to all students, your loan(s) will be invoiced when they become seriously overdue.
You will receive two email reminders for books which become overdue. If they are not returned, an invoice will be sent for the cost of their replacement. Books are invoiced when they are 2 weeks overdue with the exception of ordinary loans which are 4 weeks overdue.

At this point your account will be suspended until the book(s) have been returned or paid for.

Invoices are charged at a standard rate of £50 (£40 average book cost and £10 handling charge).

If you return the books you will not be charged this amount but will have to pay the overdue fines.

If items are still not returned or paid for within 14 days of an invoice, College debtor sanctions will then be applied.

If you are experiencing difficulties with overdue books, please email or contact us via the QMUL Helpdesk and we will do our best to help you resolve matters.

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