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QMUL offers students and staff a range of books, journals, databases and media in electronic formats. These can be found through the library home page using the search box and the E-journals & Databases list and can be accessed on or off campus on a variety of devices.



Rotunda - The University of Virginia historical resources. Until the 25th June 2020.


New Resources:

Principles Of Biochemistry, a new lecture series, part of The Biomedical & Life Science Collections. Read more about this: Principles Of Biochemistry [PDF 5,430KB]

The series consists of 22 multimedia lectures, which can be used together as a complete introductory course, or separately to learn a single topic. Here are the topics:

1: Introduction to biochemistry
2: Amino acids and peptides
3: Protein structure principles
4: Observed protein structures
5: Protein folds and IV structure
5: Protein folds and IV structure
7: Haemoglobin structure and stability
8: Enzyme specificity and catalysis
9: Enzyme kinetics (Michaelis-Menten)
10: Enzyme inhibition; chymotrypsin
11: Enzyme regulation and coenzymes
12: Lipids, biomembranes and membrane proteins
13: Structure and function of carbohydrates
14: Metabolism principles
15: Glycolysis - energy and useful cell chemicals
16: Glycolysis control
17: Metabolism of pyruvate and fat
18: Urea cycle; oxidative phosphorylation
19: Light-driven reactions in photosynthesis
20: Gluconeogenesis and the Calvin cycle
21: Synthesis of lipids and N-containing molecules
22: Hormone mechanisms


Service Status:

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE):
Clarity Informatics have advised that they will grant access to educational bodies whose students have had to return home and are now outside the UK.
In the first instance you should contact your university about this, they in turn will need to contact Clarity Informatics to arrange access.

Bloomberg resources are currently not accessible off campus due to the type of license.

On 18th-19th July 2020, BMJ Learning and Research to Publication will be undergoing essential maintenance. 

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