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Printing from IT Services Student PC’s

Print jobs sent from Student Service PC’s or from laptop devices can be released at any printer within Student Service labs and the Libraries. The Library Multi-function Devices (MFD’s) can also be used to photocopy and scan, as well as print.

To use the service direct your job to the black & white or colour print queue. You then have 24 hours to visit a printer that’s convenient for you. Swipe your college ID card at the card reader attached to each device and confirm which jobs you’d like to collect. If you have forgotten your ID card jobs can be released by entering your username and password at the device.

You can collect jobs sent to the black & white or colour print queue at any device irrespective of the queue chosen. However black & white devices are only capable of producing black & white output. Jobs send to the colour queue and collected at a colour device will apply the black & white charge rate to black & white pages within the document and the colour rate for pages containing colour content.

Topping up your QM iPay account

You can top up your QM iPay account online as well as check your balance and account history by visiting the QM iPay Webcentre.

Printing and Copy prices











Black and white   










Prices are for double-sided prinitng are cheaper than for one-sided printing (e.g. 2 sides in black and white double-sided cost 7p, while 2 sides in black and white one-sided cost 8p). For more information please see the ITS Printing page

Automatic double-sided (duplex) printing

To reduce paper usage and help the environment, the new printers are automatically set to double-sided (duplex) printing. If you need to print single-sided:

  • Click Print in Word as normal
  • Select Properties
  • Then Finishing
  • Then change 2-sided Printing to 1-sided Printing in the drop down menu
  • Select OK, then Print

If you have sent a double-sided document to the print server in error, this can be deleted by swiping your card at a device, selecting the relevant document from the list on the touchscreen and then choosing the delete option.

Wireless printing

Mile End Library now offers an enhanced wireless print service. Users can log on to the wireless print service from anywhere in the world with web access and visit the library to collect their prints.  Wireless printouts are paid for using the QM iPay Account.

For information on how to print using the Wireless service please visit the Wireless print pages.


If there is a problem with the printers (paper jam, no paper etc) please report it to the Library Welcome Desk.

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