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Access to Theses Outside of Queen Mary

Access to theses outside of QM

There are a wealth of thesis collections worldwide, exploring current research in a variety of subjects and contexts, and offering an insight into the research undertaken in the past.  Until recently, many of these were only available by visiting the home institution of the thesis and viewing it in hard copy.  Nowadays, however, many of these theses are freely available online via the awarding institution's repository, or via one of the thesis indexing and digitisation services. 



EThOS is the Electronic Theses Online System, a database of UK Higher Education theses managed by the British Library.  The system was set up to gather information on all theses awarded within UK HE and has since offered a service digitising and making these theses openly available for the first time.  Queen Mary is a member of the EThOS programme and has had many of its previously awarded print theses digitised by the service.

Requests for digitisation of theses incur a charge of £40, to be paid for by the requester, although some institutions cover this cost themselves so check when ordering. 

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